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CLICK ON: Connecting Leads Into Comprehensive Knowledge Of Networking
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays we live and breathe technology at work, at home and almost everywhere. The possibilities for networking and human interaction have exploded with the coming of the Internet. It has given not only a possibility to communicate with almost any other person in the world, but even opened up new ways of saying things and spread our information. People became citizens online, which means they can express their aspirations and concerns online and online space is a space for participation in society, politics, economics and etc.Project "CLICK ON: Connecting Leads Into Comprehensive Knowledge Of Networking" will focus on new dimension of active citizenship - online citizenship. This project will highlight concept of digital citizenship, which will help young people, youth workers and multiplayers to understand what young people should know for using technology appropriately. Digital citizenship in this case is the norms of appropriate and responsible using of technology. Also, this project should highlight freedom of expression and human rights on Internet. In everyday language, people generally refer to the right to "free speech". In fact, freedom of expression covers all forms of human expression, including the written word, visual images, video, music and etc. It is therefore particularly relevant to online activity: everything online is an "expression" and t potentially covered by this right. Freedom of expression is essential to human dignity, and it also plays a key role in democratic society. Without freedom of expression, democracy can not function and without democracy - human rights are almost unprotected. This project is organized to improve the level of key competence and skills of youth workers and also young people, including those with fewer opportunities, as well as to promote participation in democratic life and the labor market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity, through increased learning mobility opportunities for people, who are active in youth work or youth organizations.The main aim and objectives of this project are: to promote responsible and active online networking at various levels on European citizenship and connect it with the values of cultural diversity and social inclusion; to adopt tools and measures for fighting discrimination, hate speech and racism on Internet; to educate youth workers for development of digital competence of young people and the promotion of social responsibility among them.The concept and ideas of the project was developed through some previous trainings between 2012 - 2015. The project partners were assembled from Programme and Partner countries because of diversity importance. Total number of participating organizations is 13 (Lithuania + 6 Programme countries + 6 Partner countries). Organizations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Russia, Jordan and Egypt were selected because of the extremely sharp experiences in those countries. Online citizenship faces a lot of challenges there and we believe that values of European citizenship can be transfered to the countries neighboring the EU. And also opposite - the idea of European citizenship can be strengthened because of the experience of non EU countries with more radical political, social and economical issues.8-day training course of the project "CLICK ON" will he be organized in Kaunas in October 2016. It will assemble 30 youth workers and leaders. The training course will address different topics each day: active citizenship, communication, social responsibility, cultural diversity, fighting racism and discrimination, personal development through digital world, virtual safety and etc. Working methods will be based on principles of non formal education. The methodological approach to training is based on the concept of experiential learning and included a variety of methods (individual work, small group work and plenary discussions, simulations, exercises, theoretical exposures). Each method will contain usage of digital tools so that participants have direct contact to the issues, which will be discussed.Dissemination of project results will be implemented in 2 months after the training course. It's planned to start campaign with the video which will be created during the project for the purpose of dissemination of project results. Also it's planned to create "CLICK ON" account on different social media platforms for possibility to exchange ideas, methods, share challenges and issues about online citizenship.
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