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Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

“Click more Get more ” European Youth Against Unemployment will be a Youth Exchange programme that will address how issues of youth employment, civic participation and good citizenry can be improved through the advancement of formal and non-formal media literacy among young people. The exchange will take place in Ključ in the end of March 2013 and will unite youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Turkey, Italy, F.Y.R.O.M. and Montenegro. Youth from all these countries will gather to exchange ideas, knowledge, skills and experience on the optimal use of online and digital media while seeking to further their education, exploring their creative expression and searching for a job. Such media are the internet, digital databases, social networking websites, online CV repositories, blogs, personal websites and online portfolios. There is also a need to better educate youth on how to represent themselves properly and professionally, both on- and off-line, on the threshold of their entrance to the job market. Through crash-courses and practical workshops we will introduce them on the use technology such as cameras, computers, different types of design and word processing software and basic website building in order to express themselves, depict their feelings, ideas and conceptualizations about themselves and their world in a much more creative and efficient way. Media literate people understand that media are constructed to convey ideas, information and news from someone else's perspective. They understand that specific techniques are used to create emotional effects. They can identify those techniques and their intended and actual effects. They are aware that the media benefit some people, but leave others out. They can (pose and sometimes answer) questions about who benefits, who is left out, and why. Media literate people seek alternative sources of information and entertainment. Media literate people use the media for their own advantage and enjoyment, etc.
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