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Start date: Dec 31, 2016, End date: Jun 29, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The economic ”migration” is one of the most actual and unsolvedproblemsin Europe. The countriesfromwherepeopleemigratelooseyoung, earning-capable, activecitizens. The countries where the people emigrate not necesserally get conscious, professional human resource, but many times get social problems. The youth of the left and the recipientncountries meet each other in our programme. Our aim is to make the emigration-planning youth think over the challenges of working abroad. The programe also intends to make them get to know the conditions of those jobs which are legal and valuable for their personal career building. The programe also aims to make the involved ones get to know how to launch an enterprise in the ”target countries” of the emigrants. In addition we present them those projects which help theyouth how to get a job and build a career in the home land.The personal decisions, employment and enterprising successes have effects on the economy as well as the social processes of the countries and Europe. During our project we analyse the european economic mobility. Our aims are to discover the causes of the problems, to put forward various suggestions for solving these problems, to present good practices, examples, innovative projects, and to form a ready to enterprise motivation for the extantwill of getting a job abroad.The project seeks the solution to reduce unemployment of the youth as well as tries to roll back the negative cultural prejudice against them.Besides the rationalization of employment mobility we wouldlike to strenghten the cultural inclusion and accept ancein both sides.Our aim is to reduce the negative stereotypes, prejudice against the citizens of the ”migrant counries”, especially those ones which affects youth.Duringthe project we apply non-formal pedagogic methods. The outcomes of the programe will be summarized and multiplicate don the internet (web-sites and socialpages) and in a publication.The programe will be implemented in two locations: Ada, Serbia between 2-10 of September 2016. and in Nyíregyháza, Hungary between 3 and 11 of August 2016.The number of participantsconsist 5 persons + 1 leader from all teh 6 participating countries. The targetage-group is between the age of 18-25.

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