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Classroom management
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main purpose of this application is to spread out the interest in working with partners across Europe. As it is now at Hunderupskolen, only a few teachers carry out projects with fellow teachers across Europe. Only a few are interested in the real international connection one can find in e.g. an eTwinning project, where pupils share knowledge and skills. The intention with this project is to facilitate learning. To engage teachers to learn across boarders, to push teachers to find a way into the field of international cooperation, so communicating with partners somewhere in Europe will be a natural activity during a week in school. Due to new regulations in the Danish curriculum for schools, the intercultural skills play a more distinct role and pupils have to learn more about other cultures around the world. And this is where the projects in this application play an important role. First of all we need teachers who feel comfortable communicating in English, who have experienced the European value and who are ready to pass it on to the pupils. 15 teachers will be going on mobility/teacher's training/joc shadowing. It will be teachers from both primary and secondary school. They are all open-minded and ready to learn and experience European language and culture, while learning about It and Classroom management. The activities in this project have a lot to do with becoming more confident in communication in English and German. We experience some hesitation towards working with international projects because of a language barrier, but our intention here is to break down that barrier in order for more teachers feeling confident enough to participate in an international project. The IT training is for both primary and secondary teachers. One teacher, who is participating in an eTwinning-project, asked for useful and available online tools, because her project is all based on communication online, but she wasn't sure they had chosen the right tool. Only she didnt know where to search for a better tool for the task. If you want to have a lot of teachers participating in international projects, they need to know what is "out there" of useful and good IT-tools for both primary and secondary pupils. Classroom management is also for both primary and secondary teachers. We need to organise our classrooms better. We need to learn clear and transparent ways to lead a classroom, so pupils and teachers all feel comfortable and are more than ready to teach and to learn. Teachers need to experience another approach to strategies for pupil behaviour. The results of the activities described will be that more than just a few teachers are interested and open-minded to international projects. They are ready and willing to cross the line and jump into the big pool of projects that all add European value to the classroom. Another result is that 5 teachers will learn about options in the fiels of IT-learning and they will pass it on to the rest of the faculty. All teachers going on teacher's traing will pass on their new gained knowledge and enthusiasm to coworkers. Synergies will arise and the teacher's lounge will buzz with engaged teachers, onHangouts with colleagues across Europe, pupils display their work done with a friend from another country and both pupils and teachers blurt out things in English, because they feel secure enough communiccating in English because og their training. So many projects are seeing daylight and the board of directors will be impressed and encourage teachers in the future to continue participating in international projects. They will even create a budget where it's possible that pupils visit pupils they have been doing projects with. The board will want the international dimension to become a solid part of what Hunderupskolen builds its foundation. It is intended that all teachers participating will find at least one partner and create an eTwinning project within the project period. An eTwinning project is a great place to practise what is shown in the teacher's training activities. With parthers, a forum for sharing best practise, will be created. In the long run, it will be easier for more teachers to dare participating in an international project. And more obvious where to find tools for better communication and displaying the work of pupils. Teachers participating in these projects will set good examples and lead the way to understanding and knowing more about not only Dansih citizenship, but also European citizenship.

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