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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Educational Institute "Don Lorenzo Milani" was born in 2012 and it includes four nursery schools, four primary schools and two middle schools. About 1350 students attend its schools and over 160, among teachers and administrative staff, work there. The schools are located in four different towns of the southern part of our region (Friuli): Aquileia, Fiumicello, Terzo di Aquileia and Villa Vicentina. These are historical, tourist and naturalistic areas, also important because our region is a border zone with Slovenia and Austria. Our Institute's final purpose is the man and the citizen training, the respect of the people, the acceptance of the diversity, the freedom of thought, the knowledge of the environment and its protection. That is why we need to find new evaluation systems, both for the educational knowledge and the European key competences for life long learning. The teachers train their students to dialogue, to make comparisons, to cooperate and integrate the multiculturalism with the local cultural identity. After the twinning experiences with Maria Saal (Austria) and Colpo (France), associated with other international activities, we understand that we need to teach a foreign language in a more realistic and interesting way and we have to use new technologies with a more systematic method. That is why we need to increase the number of teachers with a better knowledge of the English language, ICT technologies and CLIL method but also with the ability to use all of them in different subjects. To meet these needs, seven our teachers have made up a Project Group. These teachers are self-motivated but European planner beginners. Some of them have already had different international experiences, others are ICT experts, a teacher can use the CLIL method and others are involved in our evaluation and self-evaluation Institute group. All of them are involved in our Institute curricula draft. Our Headmaster stands over the Project Group. She is trying to modernize our schools with the creation of an experimental group of evaluation, through the comparison with other European scholastic systems and improving the students foreign languages knowledge by spreading the CLIL method at all levels in our schools. The participants involved in the project are 14. This Project is divided in three steps. In the first one we have organized the resources, found suitable courses and drafted the project with defined activities. In the second step, all the participants will attend a language or CLIL method course in the same period and place to improve the team spirit and to feel themselves part of the same team. Moreover, some teachers will use the CLIL method during their lessons. In the third step, the participants will attend more specific courses about best practice benchmarking, how to make a school more international and the CLIL method. Coming back, all the teachers involved will try to use the knowledge and the new methodologies learned, also concerning the ICT. About the 50% of our students will be involved in these new educational methods experiences, using the new technologies. First of all, the immediate effect we would like to get from this project, on both the participants and our whole organisation, is the creation of a good and passionate team with the school staff. This group of people should get involved in new ideas and in the organization of new activities, working above all as a team to pursuit our common aims, such as making our Institute better and modern. The improvement of our linguistic and methodological skills, the knowledge about the best practices of foreign countries’ school systems will be the means to reach our first aim, to make our Institution more efficient and international.
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