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Cizí jazyk nám nenabízí pouze jiná slova, ale i jiný svět
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims to support curricular reform and teaching of foreign lang. and in foreign lang. at schools and the expansion of cooperation with foreign partners. The school has been cooperating with foreign schools for long time. Our students go on mobility to Eu. countries. Although the teaching of foreign lang. is enhanced the vocabulary (mainly profess.) is lacking. Therefore, the school decided in accordance with its long-term plan to introduce CLIL into the teaching. It is therefore important to educate employees in foreign lang. and enable them to participate in mobility programs. Such mobility help them not only in terms of ling. but also cultural. The project will contribute not only to their lifelong learning, but especially to the application of linguistic competence in teaching and communicating with foreign partners. Also, it will eliminate the lang. barrier between us and our partners in France, Spain and Germany, not only for educators, but also for pupils by introducing CLIL into regular teaching.This project includes the implementation of eight of mobility for workers of Střední odborná škola a Střední odborné učiliště technické Třemošnice, Sportovní 322. The selection considerates the ling., technical and pers. skills for successful stay abroad. The interest of employees in mobility has been apparent by its monitoring. The interest of employees in foreign lang. learning is already evident, not only for teaching and communicating with foreign partners, but also as a motivating factor for a mobility period.We have set ourselves these primary objectives:- To educate employees to improve lang. and communication skills in English / German, namely:• To communicate in a foreign lang. in various situations of life, in speeches spoken and written, on general and specialized topics• To select appropriate communication strategies and linguistic resources• To work effectively with foreign lang. text including professional, to be able to process it and use it as a source of knowledge and as a means of improving their language skills and knowledge• To get information about the world, especially the countries of the studied lang., and to use learned lessons including professional for communications;• To work with the information and sources of inf. in foreign lang., including the Internet or CD-ROMs, dictionaries, lang. manuals etc. To use these resources for lang. learning as well as to improve their general knowledge and skills• To make use of selected methods and procedures for effective study a foreign lang. for further education- To understand and respect the traditions and different soc. and cult. values of other nations and lang. areas, in relation to the representatives of other cult. to be able to manifest themselves in accordance with the principles of democracy.- To get to know the cult., mentality and way of life of the visited country and contribute to the classification of the participants of mobility in a multicultural soc.,- To establish contacts with institutions and schools in the target country to deepen cooperation in the future- To allow mobility for professional purposes as well as motivation for lifelong learning- Finally, to gain new approaches and methods, procedures and technologies from foreign countries.These objectives are fully in line with the objectives of Erasmus + and with this particular key event.Each mobility will take 12 days + 2 days for the journey. The two-week course is optimal. Shorter courses cannot bring the desired effect. A longer course would cause a problem with the Labour Code with the use of vacation before the end of 2016. All of mobility will take place during the summer holidays 2016 in order not to disturb the teaching and functioning of the school during the school year. All participants are at a certain level of lang.. They do not have significant problems in writing. But it is necessary to enhance their listening comprehension and in particular conversation.All participants will receive a certificate on completion of the mobility from the partners and of course Europass: Lang. Passport.Benefits for the school will be as follows:- A better understanding of foreign lang.- Improved competencies related to the profess. profiles of the participants- Better communication with foreign partners- A better understanding of the procedures, policies and systems in the field of education- Greater ability to initiate changes in terms of modern. and opening to the world in the organization- Higher quality work for the benefit of students- Greater understanding and sensitivity regarding the soc., ling. and cult. diversity- More support and promotion of mobility of learners- Greater opport. for profess. and career develop.- Greater motivation and satisf. in everyday work- Implementation of project results to the school operation.Due to its complexity the project will significantly contribute to the opening of school to Europe.
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