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CIVIL SERVICE APPRENTISHIP – Non-Formal Learning within Voluntary and/or Substituting Civil Service: Development of a Prototype Targeted at Employability and Insertion in the Labour Market

The CIVIL SERVICE APPRENTISHIP project focuses on non-formal learning acquired during voluntary and/or substituting civil service. The project aims at developing a prototype, to enable operators to identify, monitor and quantify the skills deriving from non-formal learning within voluntary service, with the overall project objective being that of increasing the employability of those within the target groups. The end project results will comprise a catalogue of successful experiences specific to non-formal learning; a training model based upon non-formal learning and the acquisition of skills in the workplace and a set of guidelines for monitoring and evaluating skills acquisition and non-formal learning within voluntary and/or substituting civil service. All products will be made available on CD-Rom. The main beneficiaries of the project are young European citizens involved in voluntary and/or substituting civil service and related management personnel. Dissemination activities will rely upon the publication of a regular project newsletter for distrbution to relevant actors and the networking of those involved in the validation of project results.

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