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Civil knowledge for the successful cross border cooperation (CIVILINFO)
Start date: Dec 31, 2012, End date: Dec 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As a consequence of economic crisis, economic and surrounding circumstances have changed on the both side of the border which has a significant impact on civil sector. Decrease in the number of civil initiatives, less non-profit organizations works together, we can say that is especially characteristic to Serbia. There is little Serbian-Hungarian cooperation, but transfer of the Hungarian, mainly EU positive experience could have supported the replication of Serbian civil society sector. Motivation of this project arises from demand, to set up a joint civil cooperation cross HU-SRB border which contribute to start the share of professional experiences and develop and strengthen the civil society of two countries.The overall aim of the project is to generate closer civil relations in the border area, which provides opportunity to revive region's civil sphere and for successful cross-border civil cooperation. The primary target group of the project is formed from members, employees, managers of non-governmental organizations from Csongrad county and Severnobački district. The indirect target group of project consists of population from the target area. In especial, relatives of people works in NGO, employees, other organizations and educational centers are the indirect beneficiaries of the project.The backbone of the 12-month project consists of installation the Civil information and support centers, creation a Civil database, compilation of Civil Manual, Civil curriculum development and training. Making a short film about NGOs operating in various settlements, organizing camp, workshops, forums, which are designed to prepare organizations of civil society for the European Union civilian synergies and that, initiated a Hungarian-Serbian cross-border civilian networking, the transfer of good practice and expertise, which will generate new cross-border civil projects in the future. Achievements: As a consequence of the financial crisis, economic and related circumstances have changed on both sides of the border, which has had significant impact on the civil sector. The number of civil initiatives has decreased and fewer non-profit organisations work together in Serbia. The project partners realized that there is little Hungarian - Serbian cooperation, but the transfer of the positive experiences of the EU through Hungary may strengthen it. The motivation of this project arose from the demand to set up joint civil cooperation across the Hungarian-Serbian border, which might contribute to the sharing of professional experiences and the development and strengthening of civil society in the bordering countries. The project consisted of the installation of Civilian Information and Support Centres, the creation of a Civilian Database, the compilation of the Civilian Manual, development of a civilian curriculum and related trainings. The partners created short films about civil organisations and organised a camp, workshops and forums, which were designed to prepare civil society organisations for the civil synergies of the European Union. The project partners initiated Hungarian-Serbian cross-border networking of civil organizations and encouraged the transfer of good practices and expertise.
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