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City + City= Our Europe
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This Project is the continuation of a Multilateral Comenius Partnership “My City +Your City = Our Europe" in which I.E.S. DIEGO DE SILOÉ and COLLEGE LEO FERRE worked with four more countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany and Lithuania) from 2009 to 2011. As a result of that Albacete and Scaër went on with their cooperation in a Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility project during the first term of this year (2013-14). Both previous programs were quite successful, so I.E.S. DIEGO DE SILOÉ and COLLEGE LEO FERRE are interested in continuing, improving and extending their collaboration with new “Long-term study mobility of pupils” mixed with “Short-term joint staff training events” for planning activities involving more students and enhancing the impact of our “Partnership”. The main objectives of this Strategic Partnership are keeping the relationship and cooperation between I.E.S. DIEGO DE SILOE and COLLEGE LEO FERRE, developing the basic competences of our pupils, fostering the knowledge and immersion into other culture and enhancing European citizenship among students. The above main objectives crystallize in three important goals: - Foster long-term study mobility of pupils between partners. - Exchange the best educational practices and - Increase the impact of the Partnership involving more students in both institutions. These all above help us to use the resources more effectively and improve the grade of achievement of basic competences among Spanish and French students. To reach our objectives we have planned activities which can be classified in three groups learning/ teaching/training activities, dissemination events and outputs. Within the first group, we have planned two “Long-term study mobility of pupils” for three months and two “Short-term joint staff training events” a year. As dissemination activities, first we have included the creation and implementation of the BLOG of the Strategic Partnership linked to the websites of both Secondary Schools. Besides, local media will be informed about the activities and results of this Strategic Partnership (mobility of pupils, book of the project, meetings and other activities fostering European citizenship). There will also be a contest to choose the LOGO and MOTTO of the project, the celebration of The European Day and other events as the presentation of the educational material created by the partnership and symbolic acts such as “visiting and watering the tree planted in Scaër in 2011 by the partners of the Comenius Multilateral Project “My city + Your City = Our Europe”. As output we have planned the edition of a BOOK to present Albacete and Scaër from the teenagers’ point of view “Albacete-Scaër. My favourite place”, as well as a CD collecting the activities of the Partnership and the BLOG to disseminate our educational experience on the Internet. I.E.S. Diego de Siloé will be the leader and coordinator of this Strategic Partnership. We will use e-mail for the communication between partners and “joint staff training events” will be very useful to plan, assess and implement improved proposals for the project. At the level of the Secondary Schools, partners would like this Strategic Partnership to be well-known among Spanish and French pupils from 13 to 15 years old, among hosting families, among staff interested in cultural exchange and among teachers who wish to improve their educational practices and their communication skills in other languages. Besides , we wish to promote Albacete and Scaër cities using local media. Partners have decided to be cautious and realistic while planning our project. The number of pupils and teachers mobility is the minimum for reaching our objectives. Whenever the assessment of the project and the circumstances allow, during the last joint staff training event, partners will think about the possibility of extending and renovating their collaboration in the future. We will plan more ambitious aims for our Partnership from the achieved experience. COLLEGE LEO FERRE and IES Diego de Siloé both hope this will be the continuity of a long and strong cooperation.
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