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Start date: Dec 1, 2013,

CirSchool project aims at developing, testing and disseminating an innovative cross-level and transnational learning environment based on circus and physical intelligence practices. The projects wants to integrate the circus pedagogy to formal education settings, such as schools; so to create an holistic pedagogical approach fostering and implementing the concept of Creative Classroom as defined by the EU Commission.CirSchool objective is to secure key transversal competences as a basic ground for any new learning experience. The abilities acquired in this new learning environment facilitate individuals in overcoming several kind of obstacles: cognitive, relational and physical ones, by relaying on their own unique resources. Using circus to learn and teach means to get involved through physical activities, where body is considered as a unique privileged channel for developing awareness about each own capacities, thus for reducing and overcoming defeat and frustration perceptions Circus activities facilitate this process thanks to the integration of entertainment features -attracting children and youth; with rigorous features-typical of physical performances, towards the consciousness of unknown & unexpected skillsCirSchool offers teachers the opportunity of acquiring a new approach to teaching thanks to an ad hoc in-service training, ensuring lifelong learning as a professional habitus and enhancing their role as facilitators of students’ education.The setting up educational paths for teachers and students are the two main results for students and teachers getting involved in CirSchool, whereas the operative outcome is the modeling (prototype) of the CirSchool integrated learning environment.
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