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CIRCollaborative TOOLS
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2019 PROJECT  ONGOING 

In a context of strong development of the contemporary circus art sector at European and international level, the cultural structures have in common to experience major changes in terms of work organisation. Because of overall cuts in public funds for culture, we note a steady shift from the traditional hierarchical and pyramidal structuring of the salaried teams towards the development of project-teams organisation integrating several salaried members from different teams together with persons working on an independent basis. Project-team is becoming more popular from the local level to the international one.This phenomenon is challenging our teams to adapt by adopting new methods of work in common.The strategic partnership made up of 8 active structures in the contemporary circus sector (venues for creation, dissemination, accompanying, training centers) and of a technological innovation structure, identifies 3 emblematic fields for which this transition is fundamental :- the management of cooperation projects for distant or local project teams,- the management of venues and ressources for creation and dissemination venues,- the stimulation of creativity and artistic research for the artists and the professionals.Noting that the project methodology and the ICT innovation have poorly penetrated the professional practices of the artistic sector, the partnership has been established around the need to solve this organisational issue together with the hindrance to this transition. It is assumed that a more intense and appropriate mobilisation of the collaborative tools on line will be a powerful impetus to the improvement of the exposed situation.CIRCollaborative TOOLS has the following goals :- Promoting staff collaboration of several organisations acting in the contemporary circus sector in Europe together with their professional development thanks to the learning and practice of common working methods and to staff mobility- Pooling the acquisition of common skills and methods about the use of collaborative tools in order to carry out project methodology- Identifying, adapting, using collaborative tools adapted to project management and methodology in our fiels,- Designing tutorials for a collective use of these tools and for a common learning of these tools configuration,- Experiencing these tools as they are being designed according to three major themes : venues/ressources management, fostering creativity , and artistic research, management of cooperation projects- Promoting collaboration between several socioprofessional sectors, especially the cultural and artistic one with that of NICTsIn order to fulfil these objectives this project is aimed at the structures staff, free-lance collaborators, at artists and the professionnals accompanying them, 100 directly concerned. It offers a participatory and experimental process using action-learning and peer-learning methods that will be applied to the three stages of the project :Stage 1 : Action-learning of the participants and development of specifications together with an ideal tool for the three fields set out aboveStage 2 : Concerted and collaborative designing of a collaborative tools Open source agglomerate, making a platform and offering solutions adapted to the needs of each field, then configuration and useStage 3 : Full-scale experimentation of the Platform dealing with in situ experimental learning activities (Venues, Creativity and Cooperation), configurations adjustments and finalisation and dissemination.This project will produce the following results :- Professionnal development of the staff in terms of ICT methodologies- Development of skills and working methods in European intercultural project-teams- Structuration of a community around the developed skills- Systematic exchanges of good practices between the partner organisations and between the project’s beneficiaries - Dissemination to the whole sector, based on specifications , the Platform and an interactive deliverable as an evidence of the whole project. In the medium and long-term we are assuming :- A better capacity to integrate the collaborative tools and ICT innovations into work and creativity organisation processes.- Sharing an innovation culture in the working methods in a European network dynamics- Improving our positioning in the network of international and European structures, being identified as innovating structuresThe beneficiaries will have the opportunity to validate the acquisitions of their skills along their professional route thanks to a pedagogical partnership and the delivery of a Europass portofolio.
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