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CIRCE – A Classics and ICT Resource Course for Europe

The Classics and Information and Communication Technology Resource Course for Europe (CIRCE) looks at how information and communication technology (ICT) in Europe can support the teaching of subjects such as ancient languages and civilisations. The course develops innovative approaches in areas traditionally associated with the classics. Classical subjects have a special place in the European curriculum as our common heritage is based on shared linguistic and cultural roots. Unfortunately, the classics face an uncertain future in many countries as traditional teaching methods are failing to make the subjects attractive to young students. It is vital that schools support those interested in these subjects with progressive teaching concepts. Common methods of teaching classics need to be updated and adapted for young Europeans so that they will continue to learn about their origins. The mission of the CIRCE team is to make sure that European teachers of the classics fi nd new ways to teach Latin, ancient Greek and classic civilisations by relying on current information and communication systems. Modern computer technology is considered vital in upgrading educational systems to reach young people since it is the method they are most familiar with. The CIRCE project maintains a dedicated website that off ers a variety of lesson plans and other useful materials to fulfi l its mission. It also publishes a manual that contains theoretical and practical tips as well as pertinent case studies. CIRCE also off ers fi ve-day courses for classics teachers throughout Europe. The courses are held on an annual basis in diff erent host countries. The ultimate goal of the training is to empower classics teachers to become their own content creators as well as critical users of existing materials. The course promotes the changing role of the teacher as a tutor, guiding students on their individual pathways to knowledge. It directly contributes to achieving the aim “to support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practices for lifelong learning” set out in the Lifelong Learning programme. But beyond computer expertise, CIRCE is fully anchored in our European heritage including its depth and diversity.
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