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Circadian regulation in the control of insulin and glucagon release and its role in Type 2 diabetes (Circadian Regulation)
Start date: 15 May 2009, End date: 14 May 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Diabetes Mellitus is considered a bihormonal disorder that involves insulin resistance and insulin deficiency as well as relative or absolute high levels of glucagon. Recently, a strong association has been found between disturbances in circadian rhythms and metabolic disorders such as Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity. In this proposal we will use in vitro techniques to knockdown several clock genes in mouse pancreatic islets, MIN6 and alpha-TC1-9 cell lines to establish the role of clock genes in insulin and glucagon secretion. We will examine the circadian regulation in type 2 diabetes in db/db mice to determine whether disturbances in insulin and glucagon secretion are due to disregulation of circadian rhythm in the pancreas. We will also examine the effect of nutrients in the expression pattern of clock genes by performing in vivo studies in mice. Thus, the overall aim of this proposal is to determine whether clock genes can regulate the secretion of insulin and glucagon and whether pancreatic circadian clock can be involved in the irregular secretion of these hormones in Diabetes.
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