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Çikolata'nın pastacılık ürünlerinde kullanımı ve Thalasso Bakımları hakkında staj faaliyetleri
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Together with advances at tourism sector, socio-cultural and economical changes in community; has caused most of people to have food out and food-drink sectors to advance quickly. With this rapid growth and change, food and drink sector has been an important part of employmnet both in our coountry and in the world. However to adjust competition conditions in this field, to have the capability required in these sectors and quailified human power who can serve at world standardization is needed. Also advances in health sector especially water is another sector that contribute to tourism. Today both physically and emotionally water used for treatment has begun to be used for health and beauty sectors in technological institutions. Thalasso therapy is one of these cures. This is a ‘ rebirth’ therapy that use warmth and different types of property. requirement to these qualified human power who can apply the health and beauty cure technically has been increasing day by day. For this reason, our school decided to prepare a Project, aimed to supply the deficiency of technical information and application of our participant during activities in abroad. Thus aimed to supply qualified labour for these sectors. Threfore our students are going to be educated in respected in countries such as Romania, Austria and Holland. At food and drink service departmnet totally 40 students who will send to Austria and Holland education institution are going to learn how to melt chocolate technically, how to prepare variety of special chocolate and cookie decoration and also they are going to compact variety product and knowledge about devices. Additionally activities that support the creativitiy of students and their personal development will be hold. In addition to this our 15 students at beauty and hair care service department will be educated in Thalasso cure in Romania and will be skilled personnel in rebirth therapy department. By having this education in abroad our students are expected to have the capability of sector needs and to advance themselves about body care with sea water, body peeling with sea water and body care with sea mossy. At the end of these activities in addition to their Professional development they will also have the chance of meeting Europe culture closely. Thus this Project will contribute to European consciousness and students are expected to prosper socially. Their self-confidence will increase and their character will be stronger and also they are expected to effect these countries’ culture in a positive way. In addition to this we will make our participant students to advance their English and use technical language effectively. By having the capability of using language both technically and practically they will have certification and thus their employment chance will increase. At the end of 5 flow activities that will be hold in abroad, there will be evaluation meetings and we will reach to point group at generalize activity extent. In our region, the trade kitchen owner and employer institution, beauty and care center, technical education institutions, event teachers and our school’s students are among these point groups. Through generalize activities, facilities of our Project will be shared to relevant people. Our school students, our institution and especially participants are benefited groups from Project. After their graduation both our participants’ and their families’ prosperity will increase economically. Furthermore by the help of this Project education quality of our institution will rise and our scholl will stand out and shine.
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