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Χτίζοντας το σχολείο του μέλλοντος
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The 1st Elementary school of Neo Faliro filled in this application for the training of three teachers, taking into consideration the needs of our school for the improvement of the educational methods and approaches and for achieving European orientation in our educational practice. The educational programme took place in Prague, from the 25th April 2016 till the 29th April 2016 and the title of the programme was : 'ICT in Education'. Three permanent teachers of our school took part in this educational programme, the headmaster, Vasileios Kapsalas, teacher, the debuty headmistress Eirini Patsi and the English teacher, Paraskevi Gkoritsa. All three participants were chosen in a meeting of the teachers' board. As far as the plan and the history of our project is concerned, the teachers' board decided that the training of the teachers in New Technologies is necessary. It was considered very important to expand their horizons by participating in European programmes and by acquiring contact with colleagues from other countries. After conducting research to several educational programmes we appied and we chose an educational organization in Prague, which we considered that it covered our educational needs. Our basic aims were the following: firstly, we wanted to be educated and trained in New Technologies and to disseminate the knowledge we got to our colleagues. Secondly, we wanted to get into contact with colleagues from other countries so as to move on to parterships and future collaboration. Finally, we wanted to get to know other educational systems and to compare and contrast them with our own. We organized the training activity perfectly. We signed a quality agreement with the educational organization beforehand, we received an investigative questionnaire about our educational needs and we also got analytical course schedule defining the training activities of every day. We participated in the training programme without any particular problems. The course was very interesting and enriched our knowledge concerning development of practical ideas and innovative approaches, enforcement of inter-cultural conscience, broader understanding of various curriculum, encouragement for the exchange of good teaching practices among European colleagues, the creation of a collaboration network for future strategic partnerships and mobility, improvement in the abilities of using new technologies in the educational process. When we returned we informed our colleagues about the results of our training. We organized several actions ( we informed the puplils about safety issues when using the Internet, we trained our colleagues about the use of New Technologies, we informed the school consultants and the parents and guardians association). The impact was very positive in the school community.We believe that we will have only positive results, not only short tem but also long term. We hope that our school will be improved by the use of innovative practises and will acquire European orientation and perspective.

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