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Choosing Right Job
Start date: Aug 5, 2016, End date: Jun 4, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Type of activity; KA1 Youth Exchange Programme CountriesVenue; Istanbul, TurkeyPlanned dates; 11-18 October, 2016Countries involved; UK, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Lithuania and Czech Republic.Unemployment and wrong choice of career is a great problem firstly in our country and all the world countries for the young. The efforts made aren’t sufficient have effect n minority. The young while choosing their professions, the popularity of the profession, high salary, being widespread make the young neglect their skills and abilities. Because of this, in their business lives, loss of motivation, low productivity and failure become inevitable. Wrong choice and wrong employment affect the economy negatively. With our project, it will be possible for the young to discover their own skills, take into account their knowledge and desires, to gain skills about the harmony between the career they will choose and the criteria. The aims of our project: Our overall objective is to increase the satisfaction and motivation of the young, to contribute to increasing the productivity with the right choice of career and right employment. The objectives are as follows:- To raise awareness in the young about choosing a career- To teach them how to make the right choices of career- To show them the problems that can appear when choosing the inconvenient job.- To enable the young face their interests, knowledge, skills and abilities, positive and negative sides while choosing a career.- To introduce various jobs to the young.- To teach the young and the youth workers what should be considered in choosing a career.- To disseminate the good practices about the choice of profession.- To increase the cooperation among the partner organizations about employment.The number of the participants and the profile of the participants:Each partner will send 10 participants. Moreover, 2 support staff, 1 facilitator and 1 expert will participate in the project. The age range of our project is 15-30. Therefore, a dynamic participant mass whose working potential is very high will be ready. Some of the project participants will be the young who are at the stage of choosing a career. Some of the participants are those who are obliged to work in the fields different from the departments they were graduated from. And some of the participants are those who think that the jobs they have found aren’t suitable with their criteria. The individuals who have started to work and have experiences are involved in the project, it has been aimed to let the young who are at the stage of choice benefit from the experienced individuals. Therefore, the project has a wider execution area. The methodology to be used and the description of the project:Within the project activities, posters, brochures will be prepared. Cultural night, meeting games with the participants, NGO fair, group dynamism activities, interactive presentations, field visit, the presentation of good practices, preparation of CV, introduction of various professions, preparing scenario and exhibition activities, evaluation and reporting activities, dissemination activities and project draft preparation activity will be done. The methods to be used in these activities are as follows; games, ice-breakers, energizers, question and answer work, group work, individual works, on-site learning, interactive presentations, case study, discussion, survey. A short explanation of foreseen results and impacts:They will be a society consisting of individuals who are working at the right profession, with high motivation, having high productivity from his job and more beneficial to everyone. Individuals serve not only their needs, but also the needs of people around them. The right choices will bring healthy, successful, trustworthy results with them. That the participants have a high motivation, do their jobs enthusiastically and give importance will increase the productivity. The participants will take successful steps choosing the right career. With this success, individuals doing their jobs enthusiastically and correctly will form a successful and stable society. Long term possible benefits :With our project, by creating awareness in choice of profession, there will be individuals with high motivation, who are successful, happy in their social lives and consequently a successful society.
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