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Choose SMART, Choose ART
Start date: Aug 5, 2014, End date: Oct 5, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The theme of the project “Choose Smart Choose Art” is preventing and abating drug use amongst youngsters, by offering a healthy and creative alternative: art and sport. Starting with the idea that dramatics is the most profound expression of the human creativity, a form of knowledge, the project “Choose Smart, Choose Art” was created. It wants to be a moral, spiritual and cultural cleansing of the youngsters, towards abating drug use. The project will be developed over the course of 14 months, between 05.08.2014 – 05.10.2015, involving promoters form 6 countries: Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Malta and Romania. The project was created as a youth exchange, during a period of 9 days. The youth exchange will take place in Rimnicu Sarat, between the 14th and the 22nd of September, and it addresses 36 youngsters with ages between 16 and 19 years, along with 6 group leaders. Of the youngsters, some will come from vulnerable social and economic environments,(single parent families, precarious economic situations), which could make them take bad decisions, like using illegal drugs. And so, using diverse cultural activities, held in a non-formal environment and a friendly atmosphere, the participants will be given a healthy and creative alternative for spending free time, and also the chance to explore their artistic side. The objectives are: Raising the degree of awareness of the target group, regarding the danger of using illegal substances, through activities developed with the help of non-formal education activities, in Rimnicu Sarat, for a period of 8 days; Raising the level of involvement in artistic activities, which will have as a final result creating and staging a play called “Art not drug”, during the activities; Increasing the sporting abilities of the target group, for recreation and spending free time in a healthy way, through sport, not drugs, during the 8 days of activities at Rm. Sarat; Increasing the intercultural dialogue between the 28 participants, through the activities from Rimnicu Sarat. Our objectives are created according to the objectives and priorities and their purpose is to contribute at the progress of youngsters, according to the Europa Strategy 2020. We will reach these goals through non-formal activities, such as: forum theaters, role playing games, team-buildings and trust buildings, round table, sport for help, brainstorming, visits at the CPECA from Buzau, but also media, dance, music and theatre workshops, which will create a final show, entitled “Art not Drugs”, held at the municipal Culture Hall “Florica Cristoforeanu”, in front of a target group of youngsters from the local high schools, volunteers, but also parents, teachers, people from the local community. After attending this project, the youngsters will be more responsible, they will have healthy alternatives for their free time, but they will also increase their civic and linguistic abilities, artistic abilities, in the theatre area, but also in the area of music, dance and media.

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