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Chilldren Acting Responsibly Together

The project Children Acting Responsibly Together (CHART) seeks to support pupils to develop key competences, namely interpersonal, intercultural and social competences. Within the framework of CHART all participants will have the opportunity to reflect on what contributes to a healthier lifestyle for them. Together we will produce innovative guidelines which will cover the core aspects of a healthy lifestyle for young people such as nutrition, physical activity, and social well-being. By exchanging information about eating habits and lifestyles we hope to encourage a greater awareness of the key aspects of a healthier lifestyle as well as greatly improving the awareness of the lives of others. Information about traditional games and sports activities from each country will be exchanged as we encourage pupils to try new sports activities and learn from peers in other cultures. We also hope that the inclusion of a significant element of sports activity will encourage those pupils who might otherwise find it difficult to fully engage in the education process. In this way we intend to promote the development of healthier lifestyle and the overall well being of all the participants.
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