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Children with Special Needs, as Future Professionals, meet Spanish Cuisine
Start date: Jul 18, 2016, End date: Jul 17, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This training plan, arose from the need for systematic organization of vocational education and training of students with special needs, with the aim to move successfully from school to life and consequently in vocational rehabilitation.This training has as aim the improvement of the level of their basic skills and acquires new knowledge necessary in order after their studies to have more supplies for finding a job.Learning mobility and enhanced cooperation between the world of education and training and the world of work provide increased opportunities for future participation in the production process.Host institution was selected ESMOVIA the Agency headquartered in Valencia Spain with the plan “an acquaintance of persons with disabilities with the Traditional Spanish Cuisine”.Specifically, the program is aimed at learners of E.E.E.E.K. that specialize in Cooking and Baking-Pastry.Trainees who will participate in the program is a total of 6 and their selection based on the degree and type of disability, the self-service functionality and capability, their performance in the laboratory cooking-pastry, the year of studies (senior), the socio-economic status (persons origin from families with low socio-economic resources).Escort presence is necessary because of the special nature of the group of trainees and their needs.The way of education will rest mainly on visits to professional placements, and traditional Spanish food preparation workshops and internships in the form of a seminar on it.The quality assurance and management that will be agreed between the institutions will be described in a preliminary agreement for cooperation and engages both parts to provide means and activities required to achieve the objective.Project management will be done in accordance with the agreed with the host institution (Letter of Intent) and heads of cooperation.The program officer will monitor if the plan is implemented, the schedule is set and if the responsibilities undertaken by the collaborating institution are carried out in accordance with the proposal for cooperation.Upon completion of training will be evaluated throughout the effectiveness of the program and cooperation with the host institution. The main purpose of the training is to provide participants with the opportunity of vocational training could be used to ensure their integration into the labor market and therefore the possibility for active professional and social role.In this way, improve employment opportunities and perspectives of participants with training, new experiences and information.In parallel to this program contributes to the development of knowledge and professional skills to people belonging to socially vulnerable groups.Develop customization skills simultaneously, cooperation and communication with new people on the subject of their education.The drawn up people through the acquisition of knowledge, practice and develop greater self-confidence to try to reclaim a place in the labor market and to integrate into society with their abilities. Cultivated optimism that they are provided with equal opportunities in education, information and training in order to move from education to productivity.This is of the utmost importance, as the ultimate objective is the smooth integration and acceptance of persons with disabilities from the social environment. To ensure equal opportunities, education and enhancement of their capabilities.Surfacing so new data that require improvement of the provision of services based on the individual needs of persons with disabilities and strengthening cooperation of professionals and any associated with this site.Improves the quality and increases cooperation between institutions and organizations that provide training opportunities throughout Europe and can lead to other future mobility programs.By exchanging experiences opened way for suggestions of new innovative practices in the field of education and in particular people with special needs and disabilities.The results will be recorded in order to exploit and disseminate.People with disabilities, professionals and organizations involved with the society belonging to, acquire a cross-cultural awareness and mobility towards the direction of change and evolution, in the context of globalization.

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