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Children’s Olympics

Superficial Olympic games organising periodically every fourth year are worldwide events for not only sport activities and personal abilities, but for international friendships, solidarity and cultural tolerance. In the spirit of these values, celebrating incoming summer Olympic Games, suiting for the symbols of famous events this project also announces Olympic Games for children. School competitions were organising once in a year in each institute involved in the partnership stress the importance of healthy living, physical exercises and all kind of sport activities in one hand. School programmes followed and broadcasted by young sports commentators and cameramen also improved language skills of participants, made them to learn rules of media and communication, and promoted the use of modern, innovative ICT based methodologies. During breaks of international broadcastings short movies and presentations made by participants introduce each other’s famous sportsmen, Olympic athletes as well as national traditions, environments, information featuring involved schools and local “sport heroes”, which were important documents for intercultural education and raising pupils’ motivation in ongoing activities. Finishing the second year pupils could match their strengths with each other in the frame of international competition of sports and studies related to healthy living, also were paying their respects to the practice of superficial athletes.

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