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Child oriented catering - train!

The CHOCA train! (CHOCA is the short form of Child oriented catering) partnership recognised that child day-care centres are required to reflect on health and nutrition knowledge more intensively than before. There are many opportunities for this which have not been used to the full so far. Child day-care centres have an educational mission that require them to cooperate in health education. A health-oriented kindergarten which combines proper nutrition with ample activity gets the best marks as a child day-care centre. The nutrition classes in job-training courses of vocational schools leading to home economists and nursery nurses have two main objectives:- Giving students a well-founded knowledge about the fundamentals of nutrition (including good knowledge of foods) and Teaching them about the essential relationships between nutrition and health.- Enabling students to evaluate and implement child-oriented nutrition concepts on the basis of the knowledge outlined above.The learning content and methods for home economics and Nursery Nurse Training developed within the framework of the LdV pilot project “Child-oriented catering” are in line with those two main objectives.The CHOCA train! partnership aims to further develop work undertaken around the production of new educational content and methods for training of Child oriented Catering. This partnership has worked together in the past on the development of the LdV project CHOCA – DE/06/B/F/PP – 146578 which provided practical qualification modules for the job training in the area of Home Economics and Nursery Nursing that were subsequently used and tested in education and training. The qualification modules show in what way healthy nutrition can be planned, implemented, taught, and even anchored in the social environment of child day-care centres (see organisations involved in the partnership see this project impacting positively on the quality of their current services. They aim to foste
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