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"Change your life2!"
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Change your life2!” is an youth exchange wich will reunite during ten days 40 young people together with 4 group leaders,all members of the”I.R.I.S.” Association from Romania and Genc Yaklasim Dernegi from Turkey. This represents a continuation of another project ( “Change your life!”) which was done through the program “Youth in Action” that the romanian association is presently implementing and which is aiming to promote among young people a healthy life style through sports and hiking. The project wishes to offer the adequate space for the young people to learn and experiment what is the importance of practising sports (football, volleyball, tennis) and hiking in order to prevent and ameliorate the simptoms of some chronical disease that’s becoming more and more frecquent among the young generation- diabetes. There will also participate 16 people with different types of diabetes (8 from each organization). The main themes of the project are maintaining health by practising sports and involving people with diabetes. They will improve their physical abilities, empathize with those who suffer of diabetes, will communicate through sports and develop their creativity by initiating games of motion. During the ten days these young people will find out more about this chronical disease-diabetes, about the importance of exercise for those who suffer from this disease and about the precaution measurements they have to adopt. They will practise different sports during these friendly competitions, they’ll walk up the mountains (Urlatoarea Waterfall, Valley of the Stag). The two groups will promote their own culture by presenting information brochures and some of their traditional food durig the Intercultural Evening. One of the methods particular to non-formal education will be game playing. There will be used games of knowledge (during the first two days), energizing games, ice-breaking and inclusion games (“Vacation house”), but also games through which they can make an evaluation of the activities it this project (“The evaluation abacus”) and of personal acquisitions in the learning process(“Youth game”). Within a cultural trip at Busteni city and the Peles Castle in Sinaia the young people will gain new information about the culture and traditions of the romanian people. There will also be a flashmob in Busteni called “You can do this, too!”, a street activity which tries to draw attention over the importance of sport and exercise. The youngsters will do some team work and create posters within a practical workshop which will draw attention on the importance of sports and prevention and amelioration of diabetes simptoms. The materials will be displayed in public places in the two cities. The project will have an impact on the participants, on the organization, on the young people of the two communities, but also on the public authorities. The young people will acquire information about how they can prevent and fight against a chronical disease such as diabetes, will become more motivated in pracising differen sports, will develop their driving abilities and empathize with those suffering from diabetes. In order to magnify the impact of the project everything will appear both online and also in the mass-media where a large number of people have access. The two associations will gain organizational experience and prestige within their own communities. The project will be an example of good practice and will determine the public authorities and other social factors to involve more in the problems concerning young people. In order to see how much the objectives have been achieved there will be three partial evaluations ( in public cafes) and a final evaluation where young people will be initiated with the help of some games which can help them to self-assess their acquisitions during the learning process, called “Youthpass”. On the long term the collaboration between these two organisations will continue and it will take shape in the editing and implementation of a new project in the year 2015 via Erasmus+ program.
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