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Change within the Chance outside. stop climate change - education for sustainable developement in and outside the classroom-

The partners want to connect within two important learning areas and from there develop lasting and sustainable projects.1. Content: Prepare the ground for self- responsible, conscious/purposeful, climate considerate action in different life issues of the persons involved.2. Method of teaching: International training of teachers in "cooperative learning" method.Ad 1: a) It is planned to collect, in cooperation with local environment-educational initiatives successful, active, interdisciplinary sense-appealing learning programmes, learning games, actions and projects. On this basis there will be a choice of the criteria to be developed together. These criteria will be tested and evaluated in the participating schools. The most successful learning examples will be drawn up for publication.b) Focusing on the annual school curricula of the partnership project, e.g.:- natural science: analyses of water, alternative energies, weather statistics- art: scrap sculptures, photo theatre, music, dance- economy: second-hand-markets, pupil companies, repairing of used objects (bicycle repair shop), catering for bio-food ethnic food- sports: experiential education games and competitions in natural environments (tree climbing, adventure tracks, etc.)c) Joint development of an ECO-menius certificate for award of climate-friendly behaviourAd 2: By way of trainings, conceived and organized by an international team into which each competent partner school sends a suitable member, after two years, the "cooperative learning" method is supposed to be a permanent part of teaching practice in each partner staff. As regards the content, the basis for cooperative learning is provided by learning level 1.
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