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Change the world by a culture of welcoming and hospitality
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context and background:The students of University of Luxembourg come from very different countries and cultures from all over the world. We also have a group of persons waiting/getting international protection in Luxembourg who want to attend university and get integrated in Luxembourg. Lisel wants to create a a welcoming atmosphere and spread the hospitality of Luxembourg.Objectives:- By all our activities we will encourage the students to share their experience and social/cultural background; to listen to the other students and EVS and so learn about the different kinds of life all over the world.- Welcoming and hospitality are not the same in the different countries and the EVS could to learn what can be done and what is possible for Luxembourg. A next step is to co-ordinate the different needs and offers. - Giving time and empathy is very important in this project.- By our activities we make sure that respect and tolerance for everyone is guarantied. - We also try to have most of the activities available also for students with a very low budget; so for most of our trips, sports activities, language support... students don't have to spend a lot of money.Number and profile:- We usually have open activities where students can join even without registering ... the activities also try to respect the academic year: shorter trips and easy going activities approaching exam time ...- The number varies from 1 to easily 35 students, according to the needs and interests of the students. - During Friday event we usually welcome +/- 25 students.Description of activities:- Friday event: presentation of countries and actual topics of discussion accompanied with national dishes cooked by the students, EVS...- weekly language support: once a week students can meet native speakers or volunteers/friends of Lisel to have discussion in French, English, German, Luxembourgish... according to the needs of students and the talents of the friends of Lisel and the EVS.- Sports activities according to talents of the EVS and wishes of the students coming to Lisel: swimming an bicycling courses, rafting, hiking, dancing...- Trips to discover Luxembourg: hiking to the most important places and Museums of Luxembourg (Lac de la Haute Sûre, Vianden, Echternach, Clervaux, Mullerthal, Schengen and the region of Moselle, Rumelange...)- Trips to discover the neighbour cities of Luxembourg with guided tours: Trier, Metz, Nancy, Liège, Brugges , Maastricht...Discover cultural events: Nëssmaart, Carnival in Köln, Christmas- market in Germany, dancing procession in Echternach ...- semester holidays: trip of 5 days to one of the cities of EuropeMethodology:- The EVS will get some help to overcome a first feeling of being shy in welcoming students or people int the new house. - The language issue has also to get trained in the meetings with elderly persons who did not learn English at school. (communication with pictures...)- We try to have a very great variety of activities, so that all the students can attend to the activities according to talents, needs and interests. - We combine out-door activities with hiking, cycling, discovering the country and give enough possibilities to the students to talk to each other- without any concrete subject- in small groups, while going by train, hiking...- We have weekly meetings with discussions and exchange, presentation of countries and national dishes. By these meetings. students learn a lot about the cultures and traditions of other countries and also improve the way to make presentation interesting and prepare food in traditional way.- We take care that students of the same country don't stay together the whole time, but enjoy our very open- minded atmosphere and join students of other origins.Results and impact:By all our activities, we create the atmosphere of respect, that is the basic of all exchanges and friendships. These elements are the foundation of welcoming atmosphere and hospitality.We try to give the possibility to grow in self-consciousness and develop personal skills.We help and strengthen the students and EVS in overcoming eventual difficulties and show strategies for their further life.By our non-formal way of working for and with the students, we give them balance in their life, filled with studies and hard work and so help to keep mental health.Longer term benefit:- We create networks of friendships that last eventually for long years, when students are back in their country. - We give the students the chance to develop their personality and so get strong persons who can build the future of the wold and in a world changing very fast keep the positive atmosphere they could experience and spread in taking part in the project.- We train students and EVS in having a look on daily situations and how the non- formal learning can be kept in mind

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