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Contemporary art directly linked to our time's changes raises questions and can allow us to transform individually and collectively. Through art, men can overcome the consumerist vision of their lives, make sense and be more human. Education for sustainable development means asking oneself questions, calling into questions, adapting to changes and moving forward to the unknown. Contemporary art opens new ways, new directions to follow. Education for sustainable development must change our vision of the world and bring more sense by developing artistic sensibility. Our project is organized around several themes : - Contemporary art studied through four approaches in partnership with a local art centre. - Literature with a major theme : the metamorphosis. - The social, economical and cultural environment of each school. - Sustainable architecture through the creation of a space to organize exhibitions and art workshops, designed virtually with high environmental standards and then, when possible really built. All these works will allow the school communities to share and exchange their results : a website, videos, photos, collection of literature texts, works of art. The European dimension is fundamental for the partners. In addition to the discovery of new cultures, the project will be a way to face all together the challenge of the 21st century.
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