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Ceza İnfaz Kurumlarında görevli Usta öğretici/Öğretmenlerin Mesleki Yeterliliklerinin arttırılması
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Increase of crime rate in country, as well as harmful effects on the economy, has also direct effects which decrease the safety of citizens and reduce the life quality. Thus, socio-economic factors which affect crimes and their damages to public should not be ignored. As it is known, Penal Institutions are the places where crime and criminals are rehabilitated, and where they are isolated from the society by taking away their freedom proportionally with the crime they committed. While Aforementioned institutions limits the freedom of individuals, they also provide the individual to have an occupation and use their them more efficiently by producing, by considering the individuals` requests, applying formal and occupational training course, and educating the individuals, all of which can only be provided with qualified competent teachers and qualified occupational training. Within this context, the aim of the project being prepared is to; increase information, tolerance, and occupational experience on developing potentials on branches and to see applications performed within EU scale in situ for teachers, education managers and qualified students within the Furniture and Indoor Design, Construction and Electric-Electronic who have an active role in occupational education and occupational rehabilitation activities so as to ease the adaption to community life for condemned individuals who were not employed and exposed to social isolation due to the down side of being labelled in prisons and/or conditionally released within the probation. In line with this purpose, our participant with the project conducted to Germany, Check Republic and Hungary between the dates of 22th May-04th June 2016; increased the theoretical and practical knowledge and experience on issues like education modules performed towards condemned individuals on Furniture and Indoor Design, Construction and Electric-Electronic occupational area in the experienced educational institutions of Europe, occupational training course according to the characteristics of condemned individual, and developing technology on occupational applications, and contributed to increase of their proficiency on being employed by having condemned trainees and students who have occupational training in the institutions and organizations at which they teach to gain occupational skills in line with these knowledge and experienced obtained abroad. They also acquired foreign language use skills enough to communicate in daily life with the language course they took during preparatory period, gained a tolerant perspective free from prejudices by knowing the country they have been to for cultural purposes, and roles and duties of STK in occupational training guidance and occupational training have provided to transfer what they have learnt by having a chance to investigate in collaboration with other institutions and organization to our country. With applications, seminars, projected conducted in collaboration with our partners and occupational training courses performed at the end of the mobility, condemned individuals among the disadvantaged group were contributed to be employed, and thus strategies which help them to hold on life by being employed and which will prevent them to commit crimes again with the risk of unemployment were determined. In this context, employing of condemned individuals with our project partners, working for the benefit of society and studies toward their employment has commenced, and occupational and socio-cultural project activities were carried out within the mass education. At the end of our project, relating the project topic in our region, each one of projectors and acting partners organized seminars and meetings at different dates, and drew the attention of public. On transferring the teachers to our country, “OCCUPATIONAL TRAINING GUIDANCE” themed seminars were held toward the condemned individuals in Ankara Sincan Penal Institutions, poster and brochures of the project were created, distributed to relevant institutions and organizations, application of occupational experiences obtained on branches of our participants to their own institutions, and they contributed to popularize the project by sharing with other teachers and qualified students of the other branches. Active promotion of our project, all obtained research, information and education result reports were shared on the websites of projectors and participants, and Project was shared on its facebook page with the public. Number of our followers on our facebook page has exceeded 1000 (one thousand), and the number keeps on increasing. With communication infrastructure came with the project and developing institutional capacity, Erasmus+ Occupational Training, National and International occupational training projects have been prepared toward condemned individuals under the risk of social isolation.
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