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Ceurope 2016-18 on job training for Danish farm students.
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project summary.Context/background of project; Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business Denmark is one of the leading agricultural education centres for farmers with an international outlook in Denmark. One soft point is however the international activities and possibilities at the first step of the education program, the basic course. In 2014 we started two Erasmus programs in order to offer more international possibilities and learning for our students at the first part of the education.Objectives of project; Social and personal learning, combined with language (English) and professional learning as on job training (VFU – virksomhedsforlagt undervisning = workplace learning) are the main curriculum object of the project. The “extras” of the project is fulfilling the international ambition of introducing workplace learning international as an easy to access option for our students. Number and profile of participants; During the latest two years the student profile has changed together with the legislation for vocational education. Today we can identify 3 main profiles: A.) Ordinary farmer students, B) “10th Grade students” and C) Combined Upper Secondary School and farmer education (EuX)We expect a decline in the number of ordinary farmer students, but a rapid growth in the number of “10th Grade students” (Dalum Plus) and EuX students. Expected participant rates are 0,2 for A, and 0,8 for B and C. Description of activities; Our strategy has changed – in accordance with a change in student profile. The international offer has gone from being a special offer for a few excellent students to a mainstream program for all students, as it is now an integrated part of the normal curriculum. The exception is now the student who chooses to do his on-job training at a farm in Denmark. Methodology to be used in carrying out the project; The most important characteristic is that on-job-training is now a part of the curriculum. Furthermore we introduce flexible stays abroad: 2, 3, or 4 weeks stay. 4 weeks stay is offered to Dalum Plus students at the international line and a few of the ordinary farm students in autumn. 3 weeks stay is offered to EuX students in autumn. 2 weeks stay is offered to students at Basic-course 2 in spring.Based on experience we now focus on professional partners in only two destinations countries; Ireland and Netherland, mainly because they booth offer an extended and professional service, that we have found is essential in order to support our very young students at 15 to 17 years of age during the stay. The cooperation with booth partners is based on a detailed and specific memorandum of understanding (MoU) stating clearly: Responsibilities, Quality assurance, Assessment, and Validation and recognition.A short description of the results and impact envisagedAt the first step of the farmer education it is important to support student in archiving language skills, personal competences and intercultural understanding to an extend that on job training abroad becomes attractive and within reach for each an every student. The potential longer-term benefits,Export and international trade are extremely important to Danish Food-Clusters, and consequently language skills and intercultural understanding are basic for farmer education in Denmark. For the single student this might be the door to an international workplace and career.
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