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Certification of Mentors and Tutors

In Certi.MenTu, the focus was on the field of workplace learning in the vocational sector. The main purpose was to transfer the very positive experiences and results from the previous project “IWOLTE”, where a learning system for vocational teachers in training institutions and supervisors in companies had been developed. A similar approach had been developed in the project “EOF-European Outplacment Framework”, which had also adressed the same target group, identifying vocational teachers as “tutors” and supervisors as “mentors”. Working together in Certi.MenTu, the project partnership was able to create a common picture of tutoring and mentoring in the context of workplace learning and to define the roles and scope of activities of tutors and mentors (Project goal: “Common definition of the functions of tutors and mentors in the context of an active labour market policy”).Based on this, a competence matrix according to EQR level 5 was developed for mentors as well as for tutors, describing knowledge, skills and competencies needed to live up to the role and tasks of a mentor or tutor. Unifying the various approaches of mentoring and tutoring in the vocational context was the groundwork for the development of a certification programme. The certification programme, including a series of seminars, is the first of its kind to enable certification of mentors and tutors based on an international standard. This certification process was a transfer of innovation from the previous project ISO-QUAM, which focused on certification processes on the basis of the ISO 17024:2003 Personnel Certification.In Certi.MenTu, the approaches from ISO-QUAM were adapted to the requirements and conditions in the vocational sector, the resulting certification programme, based on ISO 17024:2003, was tested during a pilot test phase by all partners (Project goals: “Transfer and further development of a series of seminars forming the basis for certification exams” and “Transfer of the certification process developed within the framework of the ISO-QUAM project”)
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