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CERN - Capitalisation Research Network

The CERN project network will set up a research and dissemination programme to improve the evaluation of vocational education and training (VET) projects across the Member States. The network has established that evaluators work in isolation and therefore do not contribute to the development of Community practice in this field. The pooling of ideas and outcomes from project evaluations across the EU will serve to identify and analyse recurring themes and issues and to disseminate key messages to decision-makers at all levels. The partnership will bring together SMEs, universities, research institutes and social partners whose project evaluators will co-operate to develop theories, tools, practices and standards for the evaluation of training-related projects in a process running in parallel with project development. Group training and tutored distance learning will be used. The Network will produce a series of 'Key issues for Policy Makers' papers which will be circulated in hard copy and via electronic media to all National Agencies, government departments responsible for VET and relevant NGOs participating in the project. To maximise dissemination: ° papers and products will be distributed through the European Forum for VET Research;° all outputs will be circulated to national networks of Social Partners; ° training on evaluation of VET will be part of the training for European Works Councils and for the transnational training programme for trade union officers.
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