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Cercetare, dezvoltare și inovare prin intermediul metodelor activ-participative
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is the result of the needs analysis conducted at Queen Mary School Dorohoi. He pursues the objectives set out by the institution in the Strategy regarding education and professional training for the period 2014-2020, the school complies the Action Plan and management plans. European Development Plan prioritises training at European level, linking analysis of needs and expected results in the short, medium and long term, according to documents management. The project will run over two academic years and will include a training activity type structured course, addressed a number of 10 teachers from Queen Mary School of Language and Communication curricular areas and Man and Society. Insufficient training of teachers in the use of active-participatory methods, the use of modern teaching methods, lack of teaching strategies and skills development in students of European citizenship, European identity, European values, European cultural heritage, the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity, the low interest of student”s involvement in classroom activities in the subjects of the two subject areas, the lack of modern educational offers , interdisciplinary, low level of satisfaction of staff on daily activity, increased risk of failure and dropout of the number of students on next is the context in which the institution submits an application in Erasmus +context. The project runs from 1.09.2015-1.09.2017 and seeks the participation of 10 teachers selected by participating in a contest for selection in the "Europe entre Mythologie, Modern et Multilinguisme" held in the town of Granada in Spain by the Association Laboratorio del Cittadino , Onlus, Italy, an institution with 25 years of experience in promoting European values and themes using active-participative methods, modern strategies, and cross- disciplinary approaches, using modern ICT tools and learning resources. Teachers will work in multicultural teams, using French and Spanish, will apply interactive methods, will learn to look at global issues they teach in disparate class regarding history, geography, economics, foreign languages, heritage, literature, strategies Europe, developing pupils” European values. The project aims to develop skills for 10 teachers to use active-participatory methods in 30% of activity, the development of digital, social and communication skills to develop new ointerdisciplinary learning and working team offers, parents awareness of the positive effect on students. The activities involve the selection of participants and reserves,the signing of the Contract of mobility with the institution providing the course, the realization of the preparation of linguistic, cultural, pedagogical internship, practical training mobility, participation in European training course supplement Interim Report, awareness of parents on children's positive impact on the use of active-participatory methods, to make 10 work-shops to emphasize, multiplicate and disseminate the teamwork to achieve the 4 optional proposals, in digital format,with an interdisciplinary nature on European issues, the implementation of activities under the evaluation and dissemination strategies and plans already made. We will use assessment MICE tools(questionnaire, observation, interview, think tanks, public café) to evaluate project activities, the degree of achievement of objectives, achievement of results, the degree of satisfaction of beneficiaries, financial evaluation, compliance schedule. Evaluation of the project will be done quarterly. After each activity will use various methods of evaluation. The dissemination of the Erasmus +project”s activities, results,the examples of good practice will be achieved within two years of the project, 15 dissemination activities, addressed to a diverse audience: teachers from the School Queen Mary, school directors from Botosani, county teachers, teachers of Romanian, French, English, history, geography, social studies, in educational circles and work-shops, students, parents, coordinators of European projects, community local and regional authorities. The means are the Power-Point presentation, active-participative methods workshop press release. The impact will be short, medium and long on teachers, students, school, community.
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