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CEO – Consortium for Enterprise Outreach

According to the text of the proposal, there are 38 millions of persons with disabilities across Europe and only 35% of them are in the position to earn their own living. Add to these data the persons who have responsibilities of care, who are millions too, and often prevented to get a regular job due to constraints of time and mobility caused by the quoted responsibilities of care. The project is devoted to create a completely e.learning based programme of training for self-employment such as to support both groups: the individuals with disability and the carers. Completely e.learning based in order to: (1) avoid the stereotypes vis a vis of a disabled subject that can eventually discourage him or her in the case of fruition of a traditional classroom training for becoming an entrepreneur;(2)reduce the costs (since the programme will be commercialised) in comparison with the latter; (3) overcome the gap of the poor schooling affecting a great number of disadvantaged people;(4)favour a joint fruition of the training by the carer and the cared, in particular when the carer is a member of the family. The goal is to demonstrate that a number of disadvantaged people can exit from the benefit dependence or from protected jobs granted by the legislation of several European Countries, through creating self employment in business, if adequately trained. Since the training to be implemented by the project will have the pre-requisites for academic accreditation as e.learning finalised to enterprise creation, and will give a qualification, the users eventually have the opportunity to increase also their chances as job seekers on the main labour market The activities:(1)an initial finding about the existing initiatives devoted to the target group, finalised to self employment;(2)a pilot training that will involve 60 persons (50% disabled people, 50% carers) distributed in 3 parallel initiative in 3 partners’ Countries. The outcome consist in 50 modules, to be distributed in 12 months, equivalent to the reading and learning of 1 written page pro diem in average. The certification of skills and competencies is not the results of examinations but based on documents that the learner must produce over the period, on the ground of the main contents of the training, such as the business plan produced, the preventivated cask flow etc. The programme includes e.mentoring as well as an on line handbook and materials. Another on line handbook will serve the training of the trainers of the pilot testing. The training that will be conceived under the current project, duly simplified in contents and tools in order to enhance usability, should be easy for transfer to other publics, as mobility impaired individuals in convalescence, drug addicts in rehabilitation, convicted subjects.
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