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Start date: Aug 18, 2011, End date: Feb 18, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The increase of CBC economic cooperation and attractabiltiy of the CBC region for citizens and investors through efficient use of operational capacities and existent SME services of all the partners in the project, efficient exchange of information, transfer of knowledge, dissemination of the best practices and creation of relations and successful economic cooperation between the private, public and NGOs sector in the direction of stimulating joint investments in the CBC region with active participation of persons with disabilites (PwD) in entrepreneurial ventures is the basic strategy of the project. This is achieved through development of the tight partnerships for creation of the Joint Centre for exchange of information on CBC economic cooperation (the Training centre). The training centre will be created by reconstructing, furnishing and equipping the facilities at PP2 and will meet the EU standards for training, forums and conferences, with high energetic efficiency and accessibility for the PwD. All the partners in the project will put into operation their current SME services, databases, completed analyses, training experts, previously gained project experiences and knowledge. Apart from uniting the current services, the project partners will adjust them for the PwD . The created Multilanguage web portal and online library for the development of entrepreneurship will be accessible via the Internet to the visitors from CBC region including the PwD. The direct information services in the Centre will be provided by a PwD - a member of the project team. Through organisation of joint conferences and forums, new partnerships and closer relations will be created among institutions/organisations/ SMEs in the CBC area, which will result in the projects on formation of mixed companies and joint ventures. Through inclusion of the PwD in forums/conferences, their entrepreneurial spirit and integration in the society will be encouraged. Achievements: Constructed and equipped joint training centreCONNECTION in Vladicin Han municipality on the total floor area of 350 м2 in compliance with the EU standards which is accessible to persons with disabilities –future entrepreneurs and othersocial and economic partners;Jointly designed Multilanguage web portal and online library of the CONNECTION for the development of entrepreneurship which is accessible to persons with disabilities as well.
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  • 85%   377 856,00
  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Serbia IPA CBC (BG-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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