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Central European Regions Cluster for Energy from Renewables.NETwork (CER²)
Start date: Oct 31, 2003, End date: Dec 30, 2006 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CER² is a valuable activity to boost regional development and to increase local economic growth and regional employment by promoting environmentally friendly energy technologies and the rational use of energy. The project supports the regional resource management and reduction of CO2 (Kyoto protocol and EU-"White Book of Renewable Energy", 1999), because its activities assist the realisation and use of renewable energy equipment and the rational use of energy. The goal of this project is to develop and implement a "Central European Regions Cluster for Energy from Renewables"- NETwork. The main objectives are to develop and implement: - Regional energy clusters and energy concepts and support of "Renewable and Rational Use of Energy" - start ups. - standardised "Education Schemes" for building service engineers, architects, planners, installers and energy advisers in the fields of "Renewable Energy Sources" (RES) and "Rational Use of Energy" (RUE). - a “Quality Assurance Support Programme” - in order to guarantee for high quality of new RES and RUE technologies in production, planning and installation. Achievements: The following results are expected or have already been achieved: - Strengthening of the co-operation among partners: seven meetings, three cluster network board meetings, three co-operation exchange conferences, - Three co-operation exchange platforms (education, quality, energy concept experts), - Detailed business plan for ongoing cluster networking, - Database with necessary information of inner and outer circle countries and project websites, - Six education concepts developed, adapted, translated and implemented for the inner circle countries, - Quality schemes for production, systems, buildings, education and marketing supported, adapted or introduced, - Three regional cluster concepts developed and implemented, - Opening events performed, - Energy proponent committees established and energy concepts supported and/or developed, - Education courses, - Five regional RES and RUE company start-up support programmes conducted, - Homepages implemented, workshops for informing important regional and national institutions, organisations, decision-makers and the public on the project content, newsletters published, - Publication of articles in important newspapers and professional magazines.
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