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Cell wall-plasmalemma-cytoskeleton as a sensor in cold-induced plant resistance to fungal infection (PROTECT CROP)
Start date: Jan 1, 2008, End date: Dec 31, 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Microdochium nivale is the most widespread snow mould fungus, especially in cold and temperate zones. M. nivale causes serious damage to its hosts under a snow cover, however it is also dangerous under chilling temperatures and high humidity conditions. Climate changes of northern hemisphere: relatively warm autumn (lack of proper cold hardening) followed by cold and wet winters without a snow cover can promote severity of M. nivale caused deceases and became reason of great losses. PROTECT CROP project bases on research in host Institute concerning selection of triticale lines resistant to M. nivale and the observation that exposure of seedlings to cold promotes their resistance to fungal infection. The project is innovative regarding the role of cell wall-plasmalemma-cytoskeleton interactions as a sensor of cold-hardening. The main research objectives in PROTECT CROP are (1) To determine the type, extent and duration of resistance response to pathogens induced in plants by cold (2) To analyse the role of cell wall-plasmalemma-cytoskeleton in promoting the resistance and dissection of the early signaling events in resistant and non-resistant plants (3) To understanding of the pathogen-host interaction and cold-induced-resistance mechanisms during fungus attack. Multidisciplinary approach (physiology, cell biology, biophysics, biochemistry, combined with genetic analysis) will be used to investigations. Understanding resistance mechanisms will help to plant improvement and their best use for sustainable land and developing new methods of plant protection. Consequently, it can raise the quality and quantity of European agriculture produce, with benefits for human health and the environment. PROTECT CROP arises from research interest of Fellow in topic of the plant resistance mechanisms to pathogens and skills acquired during previous fellowship. PROTECT CROP will enrich the Fellow with new knowledge and experiences and will raise her job prospects."

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