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Çekingen ve Öğrenme Güçlüğü Çeken Öğrencilerin Eğitim Ortamına Daha Aktif Dahil Edilmesi
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our approaches which we practise in our school to make the students more active, in a learning duration who has difficulty in learning and who is introvert, is unfortunately not enough. The problems which exist in early educational years of the students, become bigger day by day and reflect their learning situation. This negative situation changes the students’ attitudes to school. In time, they begin to be unwilling to school and begin to find the school insufficient for themselves. The school’s being equipped by physical and tecnological area is not enough for these our students. The aim of our project is identifying new classroom management methods and sufficient teaching methods for these kind of students that has difficulty in learning ,also making student activated learning style ,preparing suitable activity exercises which is well matched with the currıculum and the students’ level who has difficulty in learning and who is introvert. Besides these aims improving the participants’ language abilities,having opportunities to recognize different cultures and being tolerated with these cultures, increasing the participation for the study of the projects in the future, getting them different study groups and developing their social abilities and self confidence, are among our aims. The project includes 12 people who is serving at MERSİN /TOROSLAR BAHRİYE PRIMARY SCHOOL. (A school manager and 11 teachers) Most of our participants are professional on their branches.They have 12 years experiments on average. Our project will start on 01.12.2015 and ıt will contınue 12 months. During the project a participation to a course in IDEC and CENTRO STUDI INFOL COURSE CENTRE; and attending at 1 EPAL KAVALAS and IIS CARTESİO schools will take place. Our participants will be chosen as transparent and open by the team of Erasmus and project development team. Our team will study for the preparation, attention and conclusion of the activity in a succesful way. Our participants will participate actively to learn the activities. During the project our participants will be observed and evaluated in cooperation by the partner institutions. The perfection and the results of the projects which the participants get, will be shared with the relevant institutions and the people and also will be arranged dissemination activities. While executing the project, our participants will also start the process of including the achievements into their own learning environment. They will prepare classroom environments where the students are active. Every student will be able to join the process with sample activities appropriate for their level and the curriculum. Benefit analysis will be made with the help of the tests and techniques applied to the students. The difficulties encountered during the process will be evaluated with our European colleagues in observation purposed activities. Besides, our participants will be able to improve their intercultural communication skills and their foreign languages. At the end of our project, classroom environments where timid students and those who have learning difficulties can be active will be designed. There will be positive changes in students’ participating in the lesson. This positive process will increase their successes at school and in national exams. It will contribute to our students being creative, self-confident and individuals who can solve the problems they encounter. Students whose success decrease every year because of learning difficulties say ‘I can’t succeed, school is not a place for me’ after some time and leave school. A beginning will be made to prevent students leaving school in long term with help of the precautions which can be taken in the first years of school. Besides, there will be an education environment in our school which will be in European qualities, effective and positive for the process in whole of our school. This kind of education environment will create a model for other educational institutions.
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