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Catholic youth work in Vorarlberg
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The EVS hosting organisations Jugend- und Bildungshaus St. Arbogast and Katholische Jugend und Jungschar in Vorarlberg/Austria would like to host two volunteers from Hungaria and Denmark. Nikoletta from Hungaria will work in the project Jugend- und Bildungshaus St. Arbogast in Götzis for 11 months. Sandra from Denmark will stay in the Katholische Jugend und Jungschar for 12 months. In both organisations they will help in the youth work and they will get the chance to get to know all different areas with who the organisations works. Both of them are very interested in their projects and they are very happy that they were selected so they look forward to get the chance to have a good and interesting EVS experience in Austria. Nikolleta will finish her study till the summer. Because of the fact that it is forbidden in Hungarian schools to study religions and politics she is very interested in this project. That and also her general interest about a new culture and meeting new people is the main motivation of her to do EVS especially in this project and in Austria. Sandra will finish her school also this summer. She likes the topics of her hosting organisation and she also would like to use her EVS year as orientation what she want to do afterwards. She is very motivated to learn a new language and to get into a new culture and their people. She hopes that her project will get approved because she doesn’t know at the moment what she wants to do instead of EVS. Nikoletta can learn in her project new working/social skills in the different areas like organising events and projects, working in the service or behind the bar, participate in the youth corner, be a support for the technical and event assistance or in all kind of other tasks who belong to the project. She will work and get in contact mostly with young people but also with all kind of guests of the Jugend- und Bildungshaus St. Arbogast. Through these contacts she has the chance to learn social and languages skills in talking and getting in contact with young people in the areas or on the events. Sandra has the chance to learn skills about organising workshops, events and other different kind of projects. There she can bring in her creative skills but also approve her office skills in being a support for all the working colleges. The weekend, music and painting workshops but also the youth exchanges during the year in the summer are mainly for young people form the region Vorarlberg. The volunteers will be able to make their own projects, bringing in their very own talents. It is also possible for the volunteers to attend trainings and workshops regarding youth work, where they can refine their skills in social work. Through the EVS projects in their hosting organisations Nikoletta and Sandra will learn a lot about youth work and will get a practical insight into the various fields of their activities. In the daily contact with the young people they will increase their social competences in establishing contacts and building relationships. Helping with projects or doing their own projects the volunteers will learn project management “by doing” and practice teamwork. They will get an insight into various youth cultures and will meet (young) people of different cultural origin. The hosting organisations also benefits through the stay of the volunteers. The volunteers bring in their own ideas, culture and give so the organisations the chance to explore new ways of working. So there should be finally a win – win situation for the organisations and volunteers. The long term benefit should/could be to reach as much people as possible but especially young people to wake up their interest for going abroad, make new experiences and to use the chance with the EU program ERASMUS+ specially the program “Erasmus+: youth in action”.
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