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Catch the Skills 2
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project called "Catch the Skills 2" will be implemented and manage from V.2016 till IV.2018 by Semper Avanti as coordinating organization, five hosting and ten sending organizations. The project will give opportunity to realize 15 youth moblilites in Oława, Wrocław, Ślęza and Brzeg Dolny. The legitimacy of the project implementation based on the following factors: the need of creating society open for foreign cultures, ready to inter-cultural communication and open for inter-cultural differences, the need to gain using non-formal education new competences necessary at labour market and the need of inclusion volunteers into activities of local organizations . Based on described factors applicant have describe the objectives of the project.The main objective of the project is: to promote youth moblilites as action allowing to gain and improve competences of 15 EVS volunteers and to enrich the educational offer of 50 NGOs/institutions (included 5 receiving organizations) and addressed to the 5000 participants. The main objective will be achieved by specific ones: to improve future prospects of employment of youth by providing opportunities to acquire and improve competencies, to involve youth into voluntary service actions, to promote attitude of openness for inter-cultural society and various social groups, to promote own initiatives, to promote gaining of knowledge EU and European identity. Proper implementation of each objective and quality of the project and its results will guarantee by systematic communication and evaluation among all partners and youth involved into the project.Youth from Germany, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, France, Portugal, Ukraine and Georgia will attend in the 15 moblities offered in the project. Planned recruitment process will allow for selecting youth with the highest motivation. In the mobilities will attend 33% of youth with fewer opportunities. Project is divided into three main stages – preparation of the project, its implementation through moblities and continuation and dissemination. Implementation of the second part of the project will involve local NGO/institutions: Semper Avanti (Multicultural Language Café), Dolnośląskie Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom i Młodzieży z MPDz - "Ostoja", Przedszkole Samorządowe in Ślęza, City Council in Oława, Środowiskowy Dom Samopomocy in Brzeg Dolny.Impact of the project and its results will be measured at the local, regional, national and European level among participants, NGO/institutions and other beneficiaries of the project. Into dissemination phase will be involved coordination organization and each partners organizations. Thematic areas of dissemination activities are as follows: voluntary service as the opportunity to gain new competences, development of the civil society by involving youth into activities for local community, how to build society open for inter-cultural dialogue, good practices of youth work in European projects, how to motivate youth to be active and realize own ideas and initiates, non-formal education as a source of acquiring new knowledge and skills, how to build good partnership at local and international level, the bases of actions of individual involved into multicultural society, EVS as a way to develop youth and satisfy their needs, best practices of transfer European awareness among the local community.

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