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Catch the Moment 2013
Start date: Mar 1, 2013,

Volunteering plays important role in sectors as varied and diverse as education, youth, culture, sport, environment, health, social care, consumer protection, development policy, equal opportunities and external relations. Volunteering is an active expression of civic participation which strengthens European values such as solidarity and social cohesion. Involvement in voluntary activities can provide people with new skills and competence that can improve their employability. The Youth Exchange Catch the moment 2013 aims at promoting volunteerism through photographs on the theme of volunteering and including messages about promotion of volunteerism. The project participants would be taking and selecting photographs and written messages for promotion of volunteersim and comply the photographs and messages in a Volunteers calendar for 2013/2014. The project objectives include raising awareness for the opportunities of the EVS programme and promoting the EVS mobility through calendars containing photographs made by volunteers or photographs that promote volunteerism complied with messages young volunteers and volunteer enthusiasts want to share with Europe. The project final product, the Volunteers calendar would serve as a promotion tool and would be offering additional information for those who would like to take part in the EVS experience. The project applicant Environment Engineering Group has the hosting role within the project. The project would take place in small village in municipality Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, from 18 - 26 May 2013 with participants from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania.
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