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Start date: Feb 2, 2015, End date: Mar 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This exchange project was born in the Eyeopener training course, when NI and Finland met. We found out that we had similar organisational structures, ideas and hopes for an exchange programme for the young people around culture and tradition. The objectives of this project were: • Young people will gain skills in presentation, facilitation and leadership while carrying out the youth exchange. • Young people will gain understanding of key partner’s language. • Young people will have the ability to plan deliver and evaluate a workshop. • Young people will have increased mobility within the EU by being involved in the programme. • Young people will learn about another country and build and maintain relationships with the young people from the exchange. •Young people will have the skills and knowledge and opportunity to give back to local community groups what they have learnt from the exchange •Young people will have increased awareness of traditional food of young people from different cultural backgrounds •Young people will have increased knowledge of the traditional sporting games and historical places to visit in Norther Ireland There were 30 participants from NI and 16 from Finland (a decrease in the number originally applied for), the groups are both male and female and are all aged 14 - 18. Throughout the exchange we did a variety of workshops including a workshop about Irish food informing the Finnish group on how different foods originated and what they are made from. In addition to this we also had a 'food sampling' evening where both groups could taste food from each other's country. As well as this Northern Ireland have a sporting culture specific to them, throughout the exchange we facilitated different workshops on these sports which included a real life experience of the sport through attending a training session with a GAA coach. Another workshop focused on the history od Northern Ireland and how the troubles have impacted on today's society, this gave the visiting group an insight into how we became part of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland have many attractions and famous natural landscapes, which the visiting group had the opportunity to visit i.e. Giant's Causeway, Stormont- Parliament Building and Mural Tour of Derry. Throughout the exchange we ensured it was active by we using interactive games and simulation exercises to make the exchange project more enjoyable and fun and to facilitate team-building amongst the two groups. The exchange process included a mixture of methods including workshops, individual/group exercises, debates, outdoor activites and real-life experiences and a chance to live within the irish culture. Results Make new friends/Build relationships Learn a new language Increased knowledge Increased mobility of young people Impacts Young people will always have a friend in another country to stay in contact with. Individuals can speak more than one language therefore become bilingual Better understanding and bigger impact of succeeding in life i.e. inter-culturalism in the job sector. Young people can share experiences and memories with others. Benefits Contacts in another country Talk to people of other nationalities Increased awareness of a different culture and their tradition Getting to see a country that young people have never visited Overall the programme focused on the culture and traditions of NI and Finland. It was a great opportunity for all staff and young people to come together and learn about each others organsations, cultures and traditions.

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