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Cascade training methodology on HSW for footwear sector

This project aims at developing, piloting and disseminating an innovative“cascade training methodology”, in the field of Health, Safety andHygiene at Work, based on b-learning which includes b-learning coursestargeted to different groups of individuals (adults in labour market)working in footwear companies. The “training methodology” will bedeveloped in articulation with the Companies’ HSHW Project, which is astandard plan that every company should have accordingly to the legalrequests, wherein every employee has specific responsibilities, and it’llincludes 3 different b-learning courses targeted to different groups in thecompanies: HSW responsible (more dense and deeply developedconcerning the contents, including a “pedagogical” content which aims atdeveloping pedagogical competences in this particular target-group toimprove, tutoring and follow up the other training groups); department topresponsible (whose contents will be very oriented to operative questions,and also seeking the development of some important pedagogical andleadership competences in order to proceed with the “cascade trainingprocess”); workers (which contents will be totally operational, taskoriented,applying to active methodologies such as videos, check-lists,self evaluation quizzes). The main objective of this innovative on-linetraining process, in cascade, is to help footwear companies to assumeand implement their HSW plans, accomplish legal requests, improvelabour conditions and promoting the standards of health and quality ofwork and life of their employees, and simultaneously, to develop thetransferable skills of adults in labour market, concerning HSW, ICT,leadership, and the capability of learning to learn, which are key skills onrecognitions and validation of competences, improving theiremployability, and personal entrepreneurship. The project will be held byorganizations from the main footwear producer countries in Europe andthe training process and correspondent b-learning courses will bedeveloped in 5 languages (PT, EN, ES, EL, IT)

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