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Carte Blanche - Theatre for Expression
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Objectives:1- Exploiting the tool of theatre as a medium of expression and participation for young people. It is a participatory tool that teacher team work, commitment and active participation.2- Develop a Trilingual (English-Arabic-French) Theatrical project that demonstrates the importance of freedom of expression for youth in order to empower and become an active member of society. 3- Provide the needed knowledge and competences for the both organizations to initiate their own local theatrical initiative/group to continue using the theatre as a tool for youth empowerment and expression. 4- Infuse our EVS experience and coming projects into the project for support of the participants and the youth leaders, to help with the assessment of the results based on the objectives and dissemination of the outputs in Palestine and France. “Carte Blanche - Theatre for Expression” will allow two groups of youngsters, one French and the other Palestinian, to meet and make a reflection on the freedom of expression that will result in setting up a public theatre show. Given the theme and the number of participants the choeur clamé the “claimed chorus” appears the best theatrical form for this project.The activities will happen as follows:0- Preparation in both countriesThe trainer staff will set a precise program while PSM, HSA and youth leaders will contact youth to constitute the two groups. 1- APV in FranceWhere 1 Youth leader from Palestine and 1 staff member (Wajdi) will come to Marseille to meet with other 2 youth leaders from PSM and 2 trainers on ICL (Marlène and Florence), 1 theatrical trainer (Karim) - in total 7 persons.The team will work on the specific details of the program and will share experience about mobility projects in the same context. In addition, leadership and coaching will be addressed during the visit.2- Youth Exchange in FranceThis is the first of 2 youth exchanges. 10 participants accompanied by the 2 leaders from Palestine will come to Marseille to meet other 10 participants from France, the 2 french leaders, 2 trainers on ICL (Marlène and Florence), 1 theatrical trainer (Karim) - in total 27 persons. They will work together to achieve the following:a- Learn about freedom of expression as a human right, discuss the situation in our countries, what we can do to improve and what are our needs and to learn about theatre as a tool for expression in that context. b- Build a “work in progress” Trilingual theatrical act to be shown to audience by the end of the exchange for the first time.c- meet former EVS volunteers in Palestine and also French volunteers who are going to Palestine later in 2016 to map the expectations and hopes for the second youth exchange.b- discover the local scene through field visits, trips and intercultural dialogue with locals. 3- APV in PalestineAnother visit by 1 youth leader and 1 theatrical trainer (Karim) will come to meet the 2 palestinian leaders and 1 staff member responsible for the logistic to examine the hosting conditions and meet with the EVS volunteers who arrived in Nablus earlier. Also to evaluate the previous exchange and prepare for the next one. On this visit exact roles for dissemination of the results will be decided, exact strategies to establish the local programs will be set - in total 5 persons4- Youth Exchange in Nablus, Palestine.The 20 participants + 4 leaders + 2 trainers from PSM on ICL (Marlène and Florence) + 1 theatrical trainer (Karim) + 1 staff person from HSA - in total 28 persons - meet again for:a- discuss the results of the first training and the impact it had on their understanding of the topicb- complete the work done on the first exchange, and know more about theatre art.c- discover the Palestinian local context in all its means (youth, difficulties, freedom of expression, etc.) through visits to Janene and Bethlehem, meeting local youth groups, theatre groups and local organizations. d- play the final complete show in front of audience of international and local NGOs in Nablus, international volunteers and local youth.e- Understand the EVS reality in Palestine by the volunteers who have been staying there for a couple of months.
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