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Career In Art
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Art-making is a wonderful and amazing process and those who work in any field of art should have particular pleasure from it. However, being an artist today can be difficult. Most of the art-oriented students encounter many problems after graduating, in particular when it comes to job searching. The project of the 6-partner schools from Poland, Romania, Belgium, Turkey, Slovakia and Slovenia titled "Career In Art" reacts with its objectives to the current requirements and needs of the labour market in Europe. The artistic creativity of students itself is nowadays not sufficient for career development and success in the labour market. Students and graduates must learn to see art as their future job, as a source of their livelihood or as their future career. By the implementation of this project we want to help students to find answers to their questions when they enter a real and independent life. How to become a successful artist? How to make business efficiently? How to find a well-paid job in the artistic field? However, the most important is, the quality of the art work and the knowledge of several disciplines. The project is unique as most art-related projects focus only on artistic development, "Career In Art" focuses on learning the job market and obtaining qualifications. Searching and finding the right answers is a part of project objectives. We want to teach students and future graduates how to create a good portfolio of their works, how to search and find the right contacts, how to start their own business or how to promote their work to the public. During the project activities the students and teachers will be able to expand and improve their communication, language and professional skills together with abilities in the field of IT. Within multicultural dialogue they will discover different ways of looking at art creations, presentations and promotions, as well. They will also be able to compare the possibilities and conditions for further career development in various fields of art in different European countries. The project will bring an additional educational dimension to students and teachers. They will recognize and learn different art-making techniques, styles and forms of art. The participants will also familiarize themselves with the history of art in different countries. Short-term activities for students with students travelling to partnership schools will be one of the biggest factors to fulfil this objective where common workshops, lectures, discussions, field trips, multinational conferences, exhibitions of the students´ works and a display of student amateur films will be carried out. The added value of these visits will lie in getting to know the differences and similarities of the real life of the school, family and society in different countries. This will strengthen tolerance and responsibility in participants of the project. The successful implementation of the project will require involvement of the professional subjects teachers and the students of all 6 participating schools, as well as, the management participation of all 6 schools in cooperation with cultural organizations, enterprises and firms from artistic and business environment. The results of our common work in the “Career In Art“ project will be international exhibitions, a common website, international catalogue of works of art, dictionary of artistic terms, especially for art schools, methodology of the graduate development in the art fields, a leflet with guidelines for future artists which will be presented to the general public in all partner countries. In order to disseminate the results of the project, we will use a common website, websites of the partners, articles and interviews in regional and nationwide print and electronic mass media, personal meetings and conferences. We wish that the results of realization and implementation of the international project on students will lead to a positive development of graduates- artists who will be prepared to face the demands of the new European labour market.
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