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Career Development of Deaf Young in Drama
Start date: Mar 15, 2015, End date: Mar 14, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Partnership "Career Development of Young Deaf in Drama" will have 3 partners in the UK and Romania. The partnership is aimed 30 young deaf people and their skills and abilities in the field of theater arts and dance. Purpose: to develop high-level skills in the field of theater and multimedia used in theatrical productions for 30 young deaf people by participating in three workshops. Objectives: -selection of 30 young deaf people who already have skills and competencies in the field of drama. -promotion of equality and inclusion of 30 young deaf people in the labor market through quality training and learning outcomes in public events promoting by multiplication -encouraging young deaf people to train in develop a successful career in theater, film, television, personal lives and socio-educational development through formal and informal learning. -development of language skills for young participants in the project through the experience of learning and using sign language to a higher level of functionality -Improve ICT skills for the 30 young people with disabilities, so that they can manage their own digital effects, specific to theatrical production; -Increased Quality training for 30 young deaf people and the entire European community in the arts by developing intellectual quality outputs. They will be public and free. -Increased Innovation in non-formal education of young deaf people by developing intellectual outputs. -social inclusion and professional inclusion -promotion the 30 deaf participants based on learning outcomes through a European network of NGOs that are already members. --developing entrepreneurial activities. -Increased Desire and motivation to belong to a professional activity for 30 young deaf people. -to promote a positive image about the usefulness of integrating people with disabilities by disseminating results. -development of deaf youth in European space and cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship through initiatives that will develop the target group -promote the sustainable development of communities of people with disabilities based on respect for social diversity. -institutional - development of the three partner organizations through staff's participation and involvement in areas such as management, evaluation, research, artistic and linguistic skills development, counseling programs for deaf based on this strategic partnership. Project activities: -selecting 15 participants with disabilities / country, total 30; -realization of a Website design and Facebook page; -realization curricula that will be the basis of 1,2,3 workshops. -one mobility - organized in Romania by the three partners to establish responsibilities in the project; -2,3,4 mobility-organized in the two countries and that produce workshops aimed at developing artistic skills and the digital literacy for youth through innovative teaching strategies designed and tailored specifically for the deaf, with the purpose of learning outcomes that transfer capability in entrepreneurial activity -realization a glossary of specialized terms - new signs develop appropriate technical terms for which there are no current signs in sign language, strictly around the arts -working methodology for adapted for the production performances of young deaf-theater video tutorials with the operation of software and teaching tools for learning ICT skills -resources catalog for the deaf which will include events and cultural institutions in Europe in which the deaf can conduct business in the arts with. -1,2 Multiplier-conference events in France and Slovenia, presentation of project results. Evaluation and dissemination of the project. Other results: For the 30 young deaf - communication skills in English, ability in networking and collaboration with others, communication and teamwork, increased self-esteem, stimulate desire for involvement and development of new initiatives within European society, developing a sense position in being European. For staff of partner organizations - developing skills and project management skills, creativity, which can generate new project requests on various European programs. Impact: - Integration of 30 adults with vocational and social disabilities; - Intellectual outputs which are free and open to the European level for any organization or person interested to use best practices - Development of organizations involved in the project issue - The community of people with disabilities will increase positively their image, prestige and efficiency.
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