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Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Aug 3, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Taking into consideration a very difficult situation on the job market among young people aged 18 – 30 in the whole Europe, after numerous discussions with our partners and after discovering a great interest in the subject, we have come up with the idea for a brand new project “Career Architects”. The exchange will take place on 10-16.07.2015 with a leaders meeting two weeks before. Both activities will be held in Poronin. The project focuses, in a very concrete way, on chosen subjects related to recruitment and the process of looking for a job. Its aim is to develop the knowledge and skills of the youth from the partner countries, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and Poland in the field of communication with the prospect employer via various tools, taking part in the job interview, using different ways of looking for a job with a high awareness of recruitment processes through social media, job boards, job engines, cooperation with recruiters, creating one’s image of an employee, writing CV and a cover letter, creating a creative CV, processing recruitment documents, building new career paths. We want the youth taking part in this project, facing problems with finding the right job, to become more self-confident in the topics covered by “Career Architects” - exchange. We hope that, after this project, the participants will be able to use the accessible methods of looking for a job and that they will be able to present themselves in the recruitment process as self-aware prospect employees. We really want this project to give the participants a real hope for a better tomorrow, boost their morale and, at the same time, give them a strong feeling of integration with other yourng people from the EU with similar problems. This, in turn, will let them make friendships during the exchange and become a natural support for one another. We have prepared diverse working methods, namely, group work, individual work, brainstorming, competitions, games, self-presentations, working on the Internet, using technologies, preparing a reportage, journalist’s work (writing a blog), discussions, evaluations, sum-ups, role plays, artistic work, workshops, exercising new skills, inter-cultural and integrating activities, presenting and promoting the results of our work among the local community. All days of the project will end with a sum-up which will be a part of the evaluation and will ensure a high quality of the project. Simultaneously, it will gather the information needed for preparing the Youthpass. Thaks to the exchange, the participants will learn how to look critically at their CV and cover letter, process those documents to prepare for the submission while applying for a job, they will create their Video CV, which will be ready to post on the Internet and add as a link on their regular CV, they will create their profiles on Linkedin and Xing and start using them while looking for a job, they will have insight into recruiters’ work which will make their applications more successful and efficient, they will develop their soft skills to be used in the next job interview, they will get to know about their professional predispositions and they will have a chance to plan their alternative career paths. Above all, our aim is to motivate the participants so that they can use the knowledge and skills to improve their situation on the job market and to help other young people in a similar situation whom they will meet after coming back to their countries.

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