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Start date: Aug 6, 2011,

The Order-of Malta CARAVAN provides an opportunity to 12 young international people to dovoluntary work during a ten months stay in Lebanon. They will work with severly handicappedLebanese in Beirut to bring relief from their lohelineés: Furthermore, they learn about the culture,religion and history of Middle East.With this program we want to enhance the interreligious dialogue and empower young people toactively engage for the mutual understanding of different cultures and religions in their homecountries.The CARAVAN team will start with two weeks of preparation in Germany, entailing an introductioninto culture of the Middle East, preparation of how to work with handicapped, as well as generalintroduction into community life and team-building.After this, the participants will join a one month summer holiday camp with the Lebanese handicapped and the German community of young Maltese in a house in Lebanon. After this, the participants will live in Beirut and begin an intensive time of service and formation. They will serve in homes for the handicapped, attend Arabic courses as well as courses about Islam and Christianity in the Middle East at the St. Joseph University in Beirut. Field trips to religious and cultural places and work in rural medical centres in and around Lebanon are also part of the formation.

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