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Capture life and express yourself
Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Capture life and express your self ” is a youth exchange that will bring together young people from different countries, with different backgrounds and different culture, to unite and bring a European dimension in Bitola, Macedonia .This youth exchange will provide an opportunity to young people from EU and SEE countries to participate in ten days of fun and educational activities, exchange experiences and reflect about the role that media play in today’s democratic society. Using social media sites can help promote creativity, interaction, and learning for the young people. It can also help them with their academic lives and professional lives. Moreover, social media enables youth to stay connected with their peers, and help them to interact with each other. Some can even provide access to become involved with developing fundraising campaigns and political events. Media can affect the mental health of the young people. Young people become strongly influenced by advertising, and it influences their buying habits for the future. They will have a chance during this exchange to raise their awareness about social media influence, how media can have a positive and negative effect on people. we hope to raise awareness about issues and for youth to become more critical about what they hear and see in media while at the same time to discover other cultures. Additionally, they will have a chance to develop and discover their journalist skills and competences. Today, social media is playing a gigantic role in a young people’s life. Following a recent study conducted, younger people were examined in an effort to find their preference for receiving news. Social media is a new main source for receiving information, forming a life style and following modern trends. While exchanging cultural knowledge, participants on this exchange will be able to reflect about European citizenship, to promote active citizenship, youth participation, democracy and to break cultural stereotypes.We believe it is very important for young people to understand how media works, be able to work with information and process it accordingly and to think critically about the information they get. This youth exchange will provide an opportunity for participants to be on the other side; to be active creators and become young journalists to develop newspapers, radio shows and journalistic style photos. Learning the meaning behind photography will raise youth awareness for that how social media is using photography, how a seismic shift in both camera technology and cultural rituals has changed the conventional meaning of the personal photograph and photography, how when we are looking back in the days of analog cameras, the photograph was the standard way for people to enshrine and commemorate important events and stages in their lives, photos were the autobiographical record—the visual memory of life, pasted into an album or stuffed into boxes and drawers. Today, photography has become a cultural transformation; the photograph has become a ubiquitous currency of social media communication. During this project we will use media and photography as a tool to make young people express their opinions about various proposed topics. It is important to note that participants will be also free to propose topics which are interesting and important for them and are related to the topics of photography, journalism, and media. The results of the project will be published on the Internet and social networks. From there it can and will be disseminated widely among other youth organizations working throughout Europe, young people, local communities in the SEE countries and all around Europe. These products will be a great tool to enhance the visibility of this project, Erasmus+ and the Youth in Action Programme as well.

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