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Capoeira for Solidary Society
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

EVS project "Capoeira for Solidary Society" was held in Zagreb, Croatia from 1st of October 2015. till 1st of August 2016. Host and coordinating organisation was Udruga Amazonas and sending organizations were Federación de Asociaciones Juveniles de Gijón from Spain and Associação Spin from Portugal. Udruga Amazonas exists for more than 10 years and the goal of the association is to promote interculturalism and healthy lifestyles through various aspects of Brazilian culture and the art of Capoeira. Association use capoeira to encourage multiculturalism, development of creative and social potential of children, youth and adults, as well as improving the quality of life of individuals and society as a whole. To reach those goals on a higher level, we started to do EVS projects. In this project we hosted two 2 volunteers, Else Collins from Spain and Tania Cabral from Portugal. Else was 24 years old, finishing master in pedagogy, and Tania finished her study and she was 29 years old. During the EVS, volunteers were involved in many activities in which they learned new skills and competencies. They gain skills through Capoeira, methods of non - formal education and intercultural learning. Objectives of the project were to promote mobility, intercultural learning, intercultural dialogue, creativity, tolerance, healthy lifestyles and inclusion. All of them were reached during the project. Mobility was promoted through all activities. Volunteers were in interaction with many people. Some of them were our users as kids with fewer opportunities in school, their parents or youngsters who train capoeira and other activities in our association. Some of them were local volunteers on some events or visitors of events. By interacting with all them, volunteers promoted mobility and interculturalism. Also, volunteers were part on one show on national television „Vodič kroz EU fondove“ where they spoke about their experiences in Erasmus+ program and European voluntary service. Through the project, volunteers worked in intercultural environment and they increased their level of intercultural dialogue. Objectives as the promotion of healthy lifestyles and inclusion were reached on two levels. One is by participation in sport activities as capoeira or fluid balance with other youngsters. By doing sport they promote the principles of healthy lifestyle, and by cooperating with other youngsters in those activities they experience inclusion. On the another level they worked, together with local volunteers and supervisor, with kids in schools who came from different backgrounds and families. So, by teaching them English in activity „English playground“ and by talking about their culture, kids felt included in bigger world than their own. They learned more about Europe, people from other countries and mobility options. One special activity was „Capoeira for kids with Autism“. Taking part in this one as a volunteer, girls experience how to work with kids who are facing exclusion and who have different abilities. Also, interesting thing in that activity was inclusion part. In previously mentioned activities, volunteers were included in society by youngsters or other local people they met, but in this one by working with kids with autism they were the ones who are making inclusion. They included kids in society. Making videos of different events volunteers raise their creativity and digital skills. During the festival of Brazilian culture – Brazilactica, we give volunteers space to show their creativity and to organise events or workshops as a part of the festival. They decided to do the poetry night in Booksa, dinner in Rodizio, photo exhibition in Cajger bar and samba workshop. Creating all of this, volunteer show and improve their creativity, but also they put together all connections and people they have met in a few months in Croatia. On that was they created a big base of local volunteers who helped them to do some of these events and in the end they become regular volunteers of our organization. Moreover, as an organisation this EVS project was a new experience for us, we gain new intercultural knowledge, volunteers shows us new horizons of our possible actions and we establish stronger partnerships on an international level. Community, by other hand, experience cultural difference, learned more about different people and culture and find a new ways of mobility. Volunteers gain new skills, meet new culture and people, and have one special experience which will be useful in their lives. Quality of the life, tolerance and understanding became higher for all included sides.
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