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Capitalizing on Validpack: going Europe wide
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

Well qualified staff is needed to support adults in their learning and yet there are few education/ training systems for adult education professionals across Europe and even fewer those that can reshape their offers so that it would fit the new needs. Often, trainers overtake this responsibility and manage their own professional development which is objectified in non-formal and informal learning settings. The need to make these competences visible and to recognised them is a real one and it is addressed through the implementation of national validation systems and development of assessment instruments.The CAPIVAL projects intends to exploit the results of the VINEPAC project - Validation of informal and non-formal psycho-pedagogical competencies of adult educators, especially the Validpack instrument that facilitates the documentation and the evaluation of trainers' competences acquired in formal, non-formal or informal learning contexts. Through the CAPIVAL project, the use of the Validpack instrument is intended to be extended to over 20 European countries. The following activities will support this aim:- setting up the network of Validpack national contact points, with the specific aim of raising awareness on the existence of the in all European countries and establishing concrete contact relations for the Validpack further implementation;- testing of the Validpack in different national contexts. This step will identify Validpack usefulness and potential in different countries;- adaptation of Validpack to different national characteristics ( adaptation of the trainer's competence profile, adaptation of Validpack concept: steps in assessment and validation, adjustments of assessment methods and approaches etc.)- developing and testing training course for competence assessors;developing a reference material aimed to describe in terms of quality criteria the competence assessment process in all its phases and aspects.
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