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Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Dec 16, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Danish-Romanian association aims to promote cultural, business, and social relations between Denmark and Romanian speaking territories. Also, the association is seeking to increase the activities with European participation on Romanian speaking territories as a way to promote these territories and create networks with international partners. The association is seeking to address the needs of the civil society within the Romanian speaking territories and find a common ground for collaboration with its partners. This project is partially based on participants’ feedback from a previous project called “Claim your rights” within participants argued the need of enhancing the social involvement of underrepresented groups in order to strengthen democracy. Reflecting on participants feedback the partner have agreed that is the civil societies' responsibility to reassure in their role as counterparts to the government sector and influence positive changes in the local communities. Yet, follow up researched that civil society organizations, including youth organizations, lack institutional capacities, human resources formed in an international environment, as well as face a weak financial capacity, all these leading to a weak voice of the organizations in the local society. With these conclusions, the partners aimed to foster democracy in the partner countries by strengthening active participation of underrepresented groups and, in particular, of young women. The followings are the project objectives: 1. To build capacity of youth organizations to foster social cohesion and boost women participation in the local community; 1.1 To give youth leaders tools to empower young women in their communities 1.2 To give youth leaders specific knowledge about project management and in particular Erasmus+ programme youth sector 1.3 To enable youth leaders to advocate women rights. 2. To foster mutual and common approaches in addressing women empowerment and reconciliation of family life with active participation in the civil society. 2.1 To develop international projects within the Erasmus + frame . 2.2 To strengthen the network between civil society organizations in Programme and Partner countries The project consists of two trainings courses with Programme countries and receptively with Partner countries. The first activity targets 24 youth leaders and gives them tools to strengthen the women participation in the civil society. The trainings incorporate as well elements of project design and encourage the the partnership between the partners involved through common follow up activities. The second Activity targets 24 youth leaders and gives advanced tools in project management and deeper their understanding on how to secure sustainability of their youth work through the Erasmus+ programme. The project builds capacity to of the partner organizations involved to enhance civic participation of the underrepresented groups, in particular, of young women, and enhance their capability to conduct a sustainable work in the youth field. Nonetheless, the project encourages cooperation between program and partner countries, all collaborating to make international projects that can make a positive change in the European community.
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