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Capacity Building for Permaculture 2015
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BackgroundPermaculture is about creating sustainable lifestyles, locations, organisation and systems. The particpants in adult learning within permaculture often report back how a course has changes their lives, for exemple through new skills, greater self-confidence, empowerment, will to engage in their local communities and by becoming more active citizens. In Denmark the Learning, Actvities, network demonstration (LAND) project has given our teachers the opportunity to combine their practical demonstration with education activities, which is often what brings øconomic viability to a LAND centre. 1) Capacity building of the organisationPermakultur Danmark is still a small organisation. We want to become bigger to ensure a better provision of educaiton, both courses and the diploma in applied permaculture design. We would like to have the capacity to ensure quality of teachers and courses. We also need to be more visible nationally and internationally to increase the demand for our teachers and courses.2) Decentral locations - learning at demonstration sitesMost of the educational activities take place at the LAND centres. We wish to strengthen the LAND centres on three levels; In relation to their costumers and local communities; in relation to the national network with other LAND centres for exchange of materials and esperiences and more; In realtion to the network internationally for strengthening of job opportunities, quality of the educational activities and inspiration to the livelihoods of the LAND centres. 3) Different people - different competence developmentPermaculture educators have different backgrounds and therefore different needs for training and adult learning to be able to fill out their roles. 4) On site learning and development of coursesLAND centres offer on site learning and demonstration of real living examples. Inspiration and qualification of teachers on international courses give motivation and sparring; and are necessary for the development of LAND centres.5) Contribution to the European cooperationPermakultur Danmark would like to participate in the development of permaculture, especially concerning the Diploma, the LAND network and the "Permaculture College of Europe".Chosen activities and participants15 teachers participate: 4 teachers are sent to Iceland and Norway, and 11 participate on courses in England and Sweden that are carefully chosen to fulfill their need for capacity building.This year the International Permaculture Cconvergence in London provides the opportunity for strategy development and will give a major lift to professionalise teachers.MethodologyWe will use normal project management tools and budget as the framework for the activities. We will also use Europass to monitor the participants learning outcomes and achievements. Expected results and impact1) Course attendees will gain new skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes, which will translate into greater confidence, higher quality/more professional course delivery and new work opportunities.2) Teaching Assignment participants will gain a greater experience of, and therefore competence in, working in a different cultural context. This will affect their confidence in seeking international work opportunities and it will also translate into better quality courses.3) For Permakultur Danmark the expected impact will include:- Higher quality of provision- Greater delivery capacity- Wider reach and local anchoring- More financially sustainable organisation and LAND centres- Better network at the European level 4) For people intersted in adult learning and permaculture the project means increased availablity of quality training and education in permaculture, greater diversity and provision in the range of courses, which in turn would improve the motivation of adults to seek adult learning.5) Potentiel benefits in the long term- Better provison of permacutlure training and education- More job opportunities within Europe in the green economy- A stronger network in Europa and cross culturally - More active European citizens to improve social, economic and environmental conditions across Europe.
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